Friday, October 30, 2009


Today, I bought some more vitamins to throw on the mix of taking a multi-vitamin and a B-complex. I'm going to start getting more Vitamin C that is chewable for flu- season and cold season and Cod liver oil for the impending winter. I don't get any Vitamin D from the sun. I'm hoping to get a lift of mood also as I'm defienct in that area of sun lately with it raining. At the moment I try to get out even for any influence of the sun. It is dreary with all the greyness but it does help my mood to take some sort of walk and to get out period. It is harder when it rains all the time but not to make excuses their is some breaks in the rain even though it is never enough and the muck of mud is all around. It isn't that pretty outside either as everything is bare naked also and the ground is all dead. November until it snows can be one of the worst months around here as it is known for it's grey sky and nothing ascetic to the eye. Nature is doing her thing and pretty soon hopefully with Day light savings it will be a little better with how fast it gets dark and gain an hour. What are you going to do with you extra hour?

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