Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pondering my life in Parry Sound

I was seating here this morning having coffee and writing in my moleskin. For those of you that don't know what that is , its a journal that is pretentious. Basically a plain journal that is black and simplistic. I would of been better off spending the money on a basic ruled notebook for a couple of bucks. I found this at a book store in this town. It makes me roll my eyes to go in their as the prices make me choke. I can get the same book at half the price on-line and have more of a variety. Oh they will order you things but you will wait longer than ordering them yourself. The perils of living in a small town. No variety and high prices. I try my best to shop locally but hell they don't offer much in Parry Sound. Even with what they offer I have found the town not very service oriented and pay no attention to details. I hardly eat out as it is an insult to my palate. Or it is just a plain insult to me as they don't have a clue about service. If I do go out to eat I expect nothing as I usually don't get much for what I pay. Even the Pizza Hut in town sucks. Went there and they burnt the pizza not once but twice. You would think it being a large chain they are all about the same. Not here , it is a joke. So, you wonder why I live here . I often do also. I live here because my partner is here. So , I guess you can say love. I do like the prettiness of the area but that wears thin at times when the town is a cesspool of rubes and small minded conservatives. I wouldn't notice as much but it is so small. It is like being in a little fish bowl which I really don't like. I really just stay to myself and that seems to work. It is lonely but I rather be lonely in this area. If I want something we drive along distance to find it or order it on-line. One thing in a perverse way this town teaches is independence because you can call some person to do some work and they never show or do half ass work. If you want something done right you will need to do it yourself or get shitty work and high prices to do it. The only thing I have found decent in this town is the butcher shop called Orr's. They do have great meat at decent prices. I often wondered how people ate meat around here when a tiny roast at the supermarket is about 10 bucks. Or two steaks for 20 bucks. I'm neither poor nor rich but at those prices it made red meat not much of an option until I found the butcher. I get fresh meat at low prices and better packaged. I could go on and on about how horrible this town is but I won't. I'm slowly getting adjusted by carving out my own niche. I have found satellite radio works, for movies, Internet so I don't become as fashion impaired as the locals. Also many trips out of the area to remind myself society does exist and I'm not in a vacuum of a voided place. I'm starting to like the sounds of nature and the erratic seasons they have. Tons of rain and I suspect tons of snow to follow this winter. Now to convince myself I can like it here. Most days on good days I just tolerate it. I tolerate it by trying to never go to town to do business with the local businesses or box stores which are a joke also as they are scaled down versions of the real thing. Trying to figure out what I will do with my boredom to day. Maybe take a walk and try not to get hit on this road as no one observes speed limits out where I live. I always feel like I'm going to be someones hood ornament. It was so much easier to make peace with it when I was just a seasonal resident and left every three months. Oh I just have to figure out how to cope with the lack of everything except it doesn't lack nature. It is wonderful for photography and to blog about how stupid the town is. I find it amusing at times to watch the people that have been born and never left this area and don't realize there is a world out there. Maybe, I'm stereo-typing but it is so easy to do in this area. I'm stereo-typed all the time in this town being an outsider and also being a lesbian. It is hard to miss the grimaces from some of the small minded people here. Oh well I grimace at the bad hair some of the people have here and the blue eyeshadow on a 50 year old woman with a beehive hair do. Or grimace at the drunks that hang out on the street smoking a cig outside the local dive bar begging for other peoples smokes. Actually, I just feel pity on those people. I guess things could be worse . I better stop getting myself worked up and just accept this shit hole today as it is easier when I tolerate it and not fight it.

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