Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Let Down

I'm so glad that the holidays are over. I have had my holiday let down or to much of it and had a  little melt- down. Yesterday, without an actual hang-over , I went to bed in the afternoon and woke up in the wee hours of the morning. I think I slept like 10 hours. I also did the same thing the 27th of December where I didn't even try to get out of bed all day and watched TV and just drifted back and forth from sleep.

I read so many blogs. I don't know where I actually read this  but I read it is even common for normal people to get to much holidays and have a let down. Just reading that made me feel a little better about not keeping my mood at a normal scale. I don't know what normal is anyway but try my best at doing the things normal people do during the holidays even if mine where excessive this year. I really tried my hardest to be "normal".

I have scrubbed the house of any decoration or reminder of x-mas except for some candy that I need to put up. I also downloaded a book during the x-mas season on losing weight. From Fat to Fit: How I lost 100 lbs. by Alyssa Reyans. I suggest you join her mailing list as I got this book for free. It is only 3.00 though if you had to purchase it. She also suffers from bipolar and survived many forms of abuse. I suggest to check out her books and web-sight.

Have no idea why my font has changed. I think I will start the book this week-end. I really need to get serious about losing about 20lbs. I just need to be healthier and I think this book might help. A lot of just getting off my ass would help also. I have never been this big and I don't like it. I also hate my clothes being tight. Winter is hard but it is harder for me not being active and puts me more into a rut. My excuse yesterday for not taking a walk was it was to cold. I just need to bundle up and not be so lazy. I also have that treadmill that I bought a year ago that isn't assembled yet. On my list to do this month. I did manage to hook up and assemble everything that was bought for x-mas this year.  Even called out the cable guy to hook some HD box up and clear everything in the bedroom to put the old standard tv out in it. The bummer is nothing works now with the HD tv. I have had to order cords that will make it work. I had to look that crap up on You-tube. It about wracked the little brain I have left. I'm still waiting on the hook-ups that should be here today or tomorrow. Also, saved a lot of money on hdmi cables as they say their is no need to buy anything that cost over 15 bucks and the stores charge from anywhere from 35-over a hundred. I know a lot of people have already moved in the 21st century with HD tv but I haven't until now. It makes me feel old with new technology . I do manage though. Also got rid of our old tv and microwave. Not letting the old junk sit around till I feel like doing it. It has been a work out for my back though. It hurt pretty good around x-mas to present moving dressers and old big tv's and also hauling out the old. It is times like those I wish for a huge burly man to do my bidding. I often thing when I haul out the old to send J to the dump by herself as they always help her. If I'm with J they look at me like it is my problem dumping anything. I seen another lady just bat her eyelashes and get the whole back end of her truck unloaded while  I lumped all the trash and appliances by myself. It leaves me a little bitter at times. But not bitter enough to grow my hair out , bat my eyelashes and wear skinny jeans.

Anyway, time to take a shower and get ready to take the kitten to the vet. Maybe, venture to the grocery store today as I'm craving tons of veggies.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year

December was a month of gluttony. I gained 10 pounds and my stomach feels a mess with all the crap I have made and ate. You name it I have ate candies, chocolates ,cheeses, anything rich you can imagine. I have been cooking up a storm also. I cooked so much food over the month of December you could of feed a family of 6 and it is just 2 of us.

I spent so much money in December. All, justified of course. Well in my warped mind anyways. Enough to make me sick as money has been tight but hell just use credit and investment income. I was doing better juggling up till December and it all went to hell. Back again to a money diet. It really didn't help that things broke down left and right in the year of 2012.

Managed to keep myself plenty busy in December just to get through it. Even got a brilliant idea to get another cat right before Christmas. My reasoning is 2 cats make company as 2013 I want to do more camping and travelling.  We usually take our cat every where with us and I'm tired of bringing the cat with us every where. Well, the older cat hates the kitten. Scratched it's eye pretty badly and we have to take it to the vet tomorrow. Oh, how I love vet bills. The cats have made the house a total circus with them eating each others food and flipping attitudes. The dog just stays out of it thank-god. I feel like a farmer tending to the live stock in the mornings . Each animal on a different diet. It has kept me on my toes though and it is getting better. I also started my search to get the dog out of her social anxiety which has worsened with the death of Brett. We are enrolling her into a dog daycare that knows of the dogs issues. I want to travel this year without a pack of animals this year and this is a first step. For 2 years we have been taking the animals every where since Brett couldn't have shots because of liver issues and it has totally sucked taking them everywhere with us. It has made me want to pull my hair out travelling with 2 barking dogs and a meowing cat. It will be nice being free of them. I will take the dog camping though. I always hated taking the cat though. Our cat has travelled more than most people. She has been travelling all over the states and Canada. All over Ontario also. She is an old hand in a hotel or motel.  Well now she has a companion to keep her busy at home and I have to look into pet sitters to come in and feed the cat's.

Well, back on track from my ramblings. My only hope for this coming year is to have a little more hope  and look at life different so I can be happy. I don't wish or want much. I do want to be healthier and will be because it is going to be a process than a crash diet. I want to do more and be more active. I look forward to having more travel experience's as in the past it has made me happier. I just got to get back to what makes me happy. Wishing you all a Happy New Year.