Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was sitting here procrastinating again after I did some picking up and had a shower so I thought I would share some tips with you. I did a pedicure and manicure today. My feet where still green from working outside and even scrubbing and scrubbing didn't make a difference over the past couple of days. Something that no one might not know is I don't wear socks. That goes for the winter also. They drive me crazy. I don't much like shoes either. Anyhow, my feet suffered from two days of heavy duty yard work in flip flops. Finally, I applied my trusted tree tea oil shampoo to my feet and it stripped off the green. So did filing them and a pedi-egg. Tree Tea oil is good for many things. It cleans my jewelry, hair, helps with insect bites and cleared up a nice case of poison ivy also. I'm in love with the stuff. My hands have been so dry and chewed up so I soaked them in olive oil. I applied the olive oil to my hands and put on surgical gloves to soak. It repairs cracked cuticles and takes off hang nails. My hands and feet feel wonderful and look lovely. It beats paying to get it done also.

All Over

I don't know where I'm going with this post as I seem scattered and overwhelmed. I guess I will start with I got all the yard work done for the dog's invisible fence people . They did a great job installing it and we have been training the dogs twice a day. We have to have them chained up for a week until they understand their boundaries. It is coming along great. It is day three of it and we will up the radio waves on the collar and it will be more of a vibration if they challenge the boundary lines.
I have started to tackle the house and it is a huge job as I really haven't done anything in months. I did take a break yesterday from everything as I was just real worn from all the heavy work around the yard and my body would not take anymore. I had a nice time watching pure crap on t.v. and eating a ton of vegetables and fruits as that seemed to be what my body has been lacking and craving. I really don't know what I want to tackle today as it really looks like a bomb was set off in this house. I will probably do some errands today such as going to the dump and getting some cancer sticks(cigs)out on the Indian rez as they are about half the price as they are at the regular store. It wouldn't hurt me to get cleaned up as I have been in work clothes for days followed by my pjs.
I hope I can get the kinks out of my brain and start thinking in a more linear fashion. It would make it so much easier to get things done and not be all over the place. I really need to make myself a list but they don't help much as I basically know what I need to do but still skip all over the place.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

I should win a trophy for procrastination.

I finally had to end my procrastination when it has came to the house and the yard. I was suppose to clear our yard so the dog fence people can lay down line for the invisible fence. I had to clear down to the lake as we never bothered except for a pathway. I had weeds as tall as me in some places to weed-eat. I'm 5'8 so the weeds where tall. We also had to get a down tree out of the way. Stupid me tried to pull on this rotted thing to get it easier with the chainsaw. When I pulled on it I went flying backwards and hit my head and ass so hard on the ground. I rattled my head pretty good. I think I gave myself a concussion. These are the times I'm glad J was a RN. J checked my pupils off and on all night and I have no brain damage from that at least. I feel decent except for a low grade head-ache today. It just feels like I was punched in the side of the head real good. Since, I procrastinate to the last minute I can't take a break today and have to get the front jungle down in what semi looks like a front-yard. I'm really excited about finally getting some type of fence for the dogs. Especially, for Brett, the Brittany. He has been chained every time he goes outside as he runs off and stays gone for hours. It is going to be great for him as he used to have a huge fence yard when we lived in the states. He is going to have a literal shock getting used to it but he is a smart dog and will learn fast . Flora, the golden retriever will do fine with the new fence as she isn't a runner or takes off but does need the occasional reminder to stay off the road.

Yesterday, I finally got out of the house for a haircut and went to town . While in town we broke down and bought a dock. It will take them a week to build it and deliver it. We have to install it . We thought for 150.00 hour that we would have to pay , we could do it ourselves. We have to paddle it to our property and set up the anchors, tie downs to the trees, and set up the ramp to the stairs. Doesn't sound hard but nothing we do is easy. It is nice to be kicked in the butt with activity after being depressed or in a mixed mood. I know I can't procastionate anymore as I have no time . I have relatives in about a week and a half and all that I haven't done in months calls my name. I have always worked better at the last minute. I should win a trophy for procrastination.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Off the ladder

I have been a little busy lately. First we went to visit the in-laws for a couple of days. Then I have been gradually trying to get this house in order for my relatives that are coming up from the states. The weather has been very hot and not in my favor. We have no a/c as it doesn't usually get this hot. It has been about 95 but with humidity 100 plus. I took a long awaited dip in the nice refreshing lake. It was actually sort of funny as I was trying to install a boat ladder to the main ladder that goes down to the lake .When I jumped in the water the ladder wouldn't work and I had to swim to the other side of the shore and walk home. I really think we are going to have to break down and buy a dock . I don't mind the heat if I can swim and it is hot enough here to swim every day. Plus it would help me loose much needed weight. The problem is docks are expensive and takes someone to install.
My mood is going better. It is funny how when a mood isn't so low or to high how a person can actually look forward to living life and the puzzle pieces come together . I don't know how long this little normal period will last but I'm happy that I'm more functional.