Saturday, July 10, 2010

I should win a trophy for procrastination.

I finally had to end my procrastination when it has came to the house and the yard. I was suppose to clear our yard so the dog fence people can lay down line for the invisible fence. I had to clear down to the lake as we never bothered except for a pathway. I had weeds as tall as me in some places to weed-eat. I'm 5'8 so the weeds where tall. We also had to get a down tree out of the way. Stupid me tried to pull on this rotted thing to get it easier with the chainsaw. When I pulled on it I went flying backwards and hit my head and ass so hard on the ground. I rattled my head pretty good. I think I gave myself a concussion. These are the times I'm glad J was a RN. J checked my pupils off and on all night and I have no brain damage from that at least. I feel decent except for a low grade head-ache today. It just feels like I was punched in the side of the head real good. Since, I procrastinate to the last minute I can't take a break today and have to get the front jungle down in what semi looks like a front-yard. I'm really excited about finally getting some type of fence for the dogs. Especially, for Brett, the Brittany. He has been chained every time he goes outside as he runs off and stays gone for hours. It is going to be great for him as he used to have a huge fence yard when we lived in the states. He is going to have a literal shock getting used to it but he is a smart dog and will learn fast . Flora, the golden retriever will do fine with the new fence as she isn't a runner or takes off but does need the occasional reminder to stay off the road.

Yesterday, I finally got out of the house for a haircut and went to town . While in town we broke down and bought a dock. It will take them a week to build it and deliver it. We have to install it . We thought for 150.00 hour that we would have to pay , we could do it ourselves. We have to paddle it to our property and set up the anchors, tie downs to the trees, and set up the ramp to the stairs. Doesn't sound hard but nothing we do is easy. It is nice to be kicked in the butt with activity after being depressed or in a mixed mood. I know I can't procastionate anymore as I have no time . I have relatives in about a week and a half and all that I haven't done in months calls my name. I have always worked better at the last minute. I should win a trophy for procrastination.


  1. here's your trophy ! or two. one for procrastination, and one for bustin a move ! i'm impressed ! i am a lot like you. i too wait til the very last second to rush my mile long to do list, and end up injured for the wait. i hope your head is ok by now.

    i wish you the best of luck in building your dock. i never have been able to figure out how they do that. doesn't it have to be set in concrete? and doesn't the water kinda make that difficult? how do you get the water outta the way long enough to set the posts in the concrete??

    i wouldn't even attempt it. hope you put pix of the job on here, cuz i am interested to see how that goes.

    anyhow-- big jobs -- but they will surely pay off in the end.

    take care - and enjoy the fam. :))
    laterz -

  2. Lucky the dock is a floating dock and none of that hard work. We aren't actually building it but just setting it up. I will take pictures next week of it when we are floating it out to our stairs and property. We still have to make it where it will stay in place with ropes and anchors. I recovered from the fall and managed to get all the yard work done for now until this week-end again. It will though be easier because I cleared out a lot of brush and weeds.