Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I was sitting here procrastinating again after I did some picking up and had a shower so I thought I would share some tips with you. I did a pedicure and manicure today. My feet where still green from working outside and even scrubbing and scrubbing didn't make a difference over the past couple of days. Something that no one might not know is I don't wear socks. That goes for the winter also. They drive me crazy. I don't much like shoes either. Anyhow, my feet suffered from two days of heavy duty yard work in flip flops. Finally, I applied my trusted tree tea oil shampoo to my feet and it stripped off the green. So did filing them and a pedi-egg. Tree Tea oil is good for many things. It cleans my jewelry, hair, helps with insect bites and cleared up a nice case of poison ivy also. I'm in love with the stuff. My hands have been so dry and chewed up so I soaked them in olive oil. I applied the olive oil to my hands and put on surgical gloves to soak. It repairs cracked cuticles and takes off hang nails. My hands and feet feel wonderful and look lovely. It beats paying to get it done also.

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  1. i'm too tired to remember this right now-- as if i would anyhow right? :)) i'll be back tomorrow to re-read. happy evenin to ya :))