Monday, October 19, 2009

Trying to regain balance and energy

My energy zapping things in my life are technology. I waste a lot of time on all mediums of technology. Facebook, Twitter,E-Mail , Surfing the Internet, Television, Blogging, and cell phones. Lately, I have been trying to cut them to a very limited time and get the things that actually need to be done in my life done. I managed to get a lot done today. I'm also a list and a spread sheet junkie. I love to try to manage my life with what isn't working. The saying of Nike Just Do It makes me get more done than ever. When I don't check all my devices I actually get stuff done. I also get fresh air. I managed to get so many things done to day without a list. I managed to winterize for the winter and got almost 99 percent of that done. The snow is no joke in this area and everything freezes solid. I didn't need a list to tell me it is going to rain for the next week and I better get off my ass. I also didn't need a list to tell me to clean up the kitchen or bathroom as I just hate those two things out of order. I learned from a sight the flylady which is a nuisance. If you want to find quick results of cleaning clean those two things and you can quickly see results. I might not being moving on this overwhelming clutter but I sure can see results with other things. Sometimes in life doing what you have to do and what you want to do will get you farther in the domestic realm. My slogan is just to get something done and stop dwelling on things I think I should do. Which I never do anyway. Sometimes just getting anything done is encouraging.
I also notice when I get fresh air I get alot done and fell better. I think humans need air daily and that is hard for some to get. I'm lucky the air I breathe smells so delightful at the moment. I smell the wood burning in the air. At the moment people are clearing trees and firing up their fireplaces. I also smell the earth turning into a graveyard of the seasons changing to the bare bones of nothing at the present moment. Everything is going back into the earth. Also with it raining I smell the dirt which is an actually a nice smell. All the things you can observe if you take time to take the time.

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