Sunday, October 18, 2009

Facebook, The mindless and corrupting of true social interaction and life.

I have been thinking a lot about Facebook and other technology like twitter and the computer period. I'm separted from facebook at the time. I have found out that I have a dysfunctional relationship with this mindless time waste. I have been trying to figure out what the appeal really is. Why do I find myself wasting so much of my time on it. I had one friend tell me she had 500 friends that she doesn't even know in real life or talks to them either. Also, if she gets one more Farmville request she is going to divorce facebook also. I don't know if the developers of Facebook intended to make it into a sight really void of social interaction or not. It is so easy not to really communicate with the invent of Facebook or Twitter. You can communicate in short burst with a status update or a tweet. Not really even thinking. You dont even have to reply to a status update because you can just check a box that you like something without even saying actually why. I have came to the conclusion that these applications are so superficial. People used to complain where was the phone call anymore when the computer came along or where the letter in the real mailbox was. Now I ask myself where did the email go to? It is vanishing with the short burst and brainless invention of Facebook, Tweeter and Texting. I can now type a icon to tell you how I feel or maybe virtually tell you how much I like you with an application like grow a plant or sending hugs and hearts. I have found I no longer send real cards for b-days now. I have facebook send you a virtual cake and say Happy Birthday. I ask myself is this real social interaction or is it more superfical than I have ever thought. I have began to realize what was once fun is now boring and so superfical than I ever realized. I have spent so much time playing many mindnumbing applications and answering so many brainless quizes . I have started to ask myself where did my brain go. I have escaped from reality into virtual reality or is it any kind of reality ? I have used facebook to orginial connect with people and find myself actually with less of a connection than ever before. I'm to busy on facebook click , click , clicking on some stupid boring application. I have asked myself how did I get drawn into it. I'm still curious how intelligent people get sucked into such applications. Is it boredom? Is it a escape from life? Is it addicting? Is it peer pressure? I have alot of questions why other people do it and why society is becoming different in communication. I know for me facebook became away to escape my boredom and it was mindless when I didn't want to think about life. It was a little bit of peer pressure also with using applications as I wanted to please my friends by adding what ever they sent me whether I played it or not. I also found sometimes the connection with them but ended up not at all feeling a connection to any of the people on my friends list. What is going to be the next technology of escapism? People have been finding ways to escape the realities of life for as long as man has been on the planet. I'm just wondering what the new trend will be. Is this type of interaction here to stay? It just raises more questions for me than ever. What will dictonarys in the future look like? Will it have ways to define text lingo? Will everyone adopt a new way of spelling things? I know when I get a e-mail full of text lingo it makes me raise an eyebrow. Then again anymore I'm just thank-ful for an email in this day and age. I'm even guilty of just sharing vaguely what I think or what I'm doing with a status update or checking a box that I like something. The more I actually think , the more I think I'm going to divorce Facebook or at least take a real good sabbitcal from it and if I do go back use it to actually connect with people.

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