Thursday, October 22, 2009

It is easy to budject when you live in the middle of no where

It is so hard to find things in the town that I live in. An example is I bought a violet and can't find a violet pot for it . That is just one example. Even though they have some box stores (Walmart, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Rona etc. I can't seem to find the things that I think I just have to have. It saves me a lot of money not to impulse shop because the things I do want I have to plan it out. I refuse to pay duty on anything because of the broker fees are insane in Canada and they just don't have all the variety as the states to shop on-line. Most of the time I prefer real stores anyway. I like to touch things and visual see them. It isn't the same to buy something with an enhanced picture and a blurb. I will always buy more books at a book store than on-line as I can see the different variety and think I can't live without it. I'm a shop-alcholic and like seeing a variety of things. Living here takes the wind out of me shopping as nothing really appeals to me. It is kind on my bank account though. When you only have two shoe stores, how many variety of shoes can one have. With one book-store that is tiny how many books can one have. Walmart doesn't much appeal to me but will do in a pinch. How much stuff can you own from China? Maybe, I shouldn't of asked that question since everything is being manufactured in China.
I'm bored with the small town life here and the other day booked a trip to a bigger city to overwhelm my senses. About every three months I need a break from small city living and giving the bank account a break. I get to see what the rest of society can't live without. I'm just trying to be a good consumer. In the USA they tell the citizens there to be good citizens by trying to spend more money to get the economy out of the recession. Well I want to be a good citizen in Canada and boost the economy of Ontario by shopping. It is easy for me to be civic minded this way.
Even though I do my share donating to legit charity's also. Why can't I help myself by helping by spending. As I see it it is a win situation for both the government and myself. So I look forward to my self indulgent trip. The funny thing about it though is after one of my trips, I look forward to getting back home. Sometimes , my senses get assaulted by so much variety and stimulation. Sometimes, limited choices are nice and it gets one away from impulse shopping. It makes me think more and have to really want something with limited choices to purchase it. I can live without most of the things the store and media tell me will make me a better hip person . The by product of living in a small community is it makes me less of a consumer. It is the best way to budget.


  1. That is a very good way to budget indeed :) I love to shop too but haven't found much time to recently,must go into town asap lol Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  2. ..... A good place to escape to is Whole Foods on Avenue Road in Toronto; amazing, store plus you have the attached retail shopping. I'm due for a restorative visit.

    BTW, enjoying your blog, you gave me the idea to force some bulbs with the kidlet this winter.
    Have a good one.

  3. I will have to check that out sometime. I will be going to Cambridge this time.
    I never thought of forcing the bulbs for winter. It sure would be a nice treat to have something spring like in the muck of winter. That is a good idea period. I like your blog also.