Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Heat

It is such a lovely morning today. It is actually cool enough to blog this morning. It has been very hot here for the last week. I'm enjoying the cool this morning before it heats up again. My last week has been all about keeping cool. I even broke down and bought a portable a/c also but have yet installed it also. I'm thinking I have more to do before I install it either today or tomorrow. The room that it will go in looks so junked up that it could be featured on hoarders. Not really as it will take me a couple of hours to clean but still it is horrible with all sorts of clothes mess and etc. It has been way to hot to clear it out or work at all.

I have been keeping cool swimming almost everyday. It has been actually cooler outside than it has been inside. With the humidex it has got over 100f most of the last week. We have been drinking loads of g2 and water. I have been grilling all meals outside. I was adding a little spice to anything I made as they say spicy things help with the heat. I can buy that as most hot countries eat spicy food . We have also been cooling the dogs off several times a day also and they have been wet several times a day. Even the old dog doesn't seem to mind getting hosed down as he hates the water usually whether it be swimming or the hose. We have been sticking around the house so they will drink loads of water in this heat also. I was tempted to go to a movie on one of the hottest day but didn't want to leave the dogs home in the heat and them restricting their water as they wont drink when we are out . One day, I went grocery shopping just to be in the a/c and put up with the huge crowds. I didn't even mind how slow it was. I even went down ever isle no matter if I needed something or not. I actually went to walmart that day wondering the store. I generally never wonder walmart. I thought I was out of my mind shopping like that. I really just wanted to stay cool. I even picked up a bucket of chicken from kfc. Which is so taboo for me. I loathe KFC. More of a moral/ ethical concern about how they are cruel to chickens and process them. I have boycotted kfc for years. The heat made my concern go out the windows and procure some tasty saltiness. I also don't much eat salt anymore or hardly any fast food. I have to admit I wouldn't eat fried chicken everyday but it was what I needed. I needed SALT. I have been losing loads of salt sweating and really don't eat enough salt. i don't generally eat processed food except occasionally. I forgot how salty kfc is. I haven't had it in years. I prefer my own fried chicken as it isn't as greasy either. It was nice to bring home and not have to cook at all. I also forgot how expensive it is. Between the grease, salt and price I don't think it will be any temptation for me. It also made me feel like shit that I would actually buy something from that place. Even trying to rationalize how many big corporations that operate in this small town that I shop at didn't help anymore. It has made me realize what a sell out I have become out of being practial. I was also saddened at looking at my grocery cart with all the disposable items I had like paper plates and plastic forks and spoons. Trying to tell myself it is to damn hot to do dishes. I would never in a million years buy disposable dishes out of concern for the environment and cost.

The heat has been doing some weird things to me. I actually think it is called survival even if I hate buying unethical chicken, and overloading landfills, etc. Sometimes a person has to do what they have to and get off the soapbox of being political. It isn't like I do this stuff everyday either as it really does cost more to buy disposable things and eat crap.

With it being a little cooler I feel a little bit better and can get on with my life a lot more and get more done around here. Maybe, actually preparing for the next horrible heat wave. Where I live it really never stays this hot for very long or achieves the temps of lately. But over the past 9-10 years, each summer I have been here I swear I need a/c. Most of those years , I would just go back to the states to my central air:) Oh , how I miss central air. People in that I know or when they find out from where I'm from think I know a lot about handling the heat. I know one big t hing stay out of it. I never got used to the heat in the states. I had central air and would never go out on hot days. Or if I did it was to the a/c in the car to the a/c in the store back to the a/c at home. Or go out in the very early morning to jog back to a/c. I could never put up with the heat. That was one of the biggest draws to move here permanently several years ago. I could actually enjoy summer without being a shut-in. Also, loved the very cold winters. I like it cold and not brutally hot. A lot of people whine about the horrible cold winters and snow. I'm not one . I love it for the most part. I whine about the horrible hot. I do feel very lucky though not to live in the city where it is very hot though. I can always walk out in my backyard down the stairs and take a nice cool dip in the lake. Even though it is very hot for me it wont stay hot. It is also making me used to the heat now where I want to put a sweater on when it is 70f or around 20c. This is making me hardy this heat snap. Maybe, until I put the portable a/c in (lol) and hole up in the studio.

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  1. That you go for a swim every day in the heat is a smart move. We have a pool here, and I sometimes get into it. But we also have central air in the apartment building, and it works very well. One of the joys of living in a "human filing cabinet."