Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I'm having an inability to focus this morning on any one thing. I'm overwhelmed with everything that I need to get done so my mind skips around. I really don't want to do anything today except relax. I have been making list and the shear amount of things I need to get done doesn't appeal to me. I'm a serious procrastionator and always have this slogan : (I can do it tomorrow ) The thing is tomorrow never comes for me. Because their is aways tomorrow:) I will get some things done today even if I don't go out. I always have a ton to do around the house. List tend to help me see exactly what needs to be done also. I always put what is absolutely urgent down. I know in my head what is urgent but list make it more concrete. I like making list also. I look back at my list in my little notebook or scraps of paper and it tells me a story months later of where I was at and where I'm now.

I went to the doctor yesterday. It was my first time meeting him. Before, that I went to see the nurse practioner. The doctor comes once a week to the outpost. I was very impressed with him. It has been awhile since a doctor hasn't been dismissive and has listened and listened. He asked questions and stayed silent to listen. I think my high blood pressure yesterday impressed him also as I have been half ass medicated for it for a couple of months. He wants to do some serious investigation before he puts me on anything more. But he did up my Cardizm to help with the chest pain and keep the high blood pressure level. He even recognized his/nurse practioners mistake about the one medication that had my potassium depleted and in ER. He said he has to understand how I metabolize better. I go to a specialist the 25th and start the intense testing that I have needed all along. The specialist and this doctor are going to work together to find the answers I need. I feel really relived as I really don't want a stroke or heart-attack. I feel like I'm getting some where which gives me hope. I'm doing the things I need to do also like exercising more , losing weight and cutting sodium. I still need to give up the smoking. I will do that but not right now as it helps me through this time in my life. I would totally go bat shit not having my smokes right now.

Even though I live in Canada , I don't enjoy socialize medicine as I still have to pay for it for so many years because of being sponsored. It doesn't bother me at all. I pay less than people in the states with an insurance deductable. It is very resonable and really don't feel like I should be a drain on the system either. Yesterdays doctors visit cost 30 bucks. When I had a cat scan I payed 700 not 9,000 that was charged to my daughters insurance when she had an accident. I'm very thankful for the healthcare in this country that doesn't leave me bankrupted or neglecting my health. When I see the nurse practioner it is based on donation for me. What ever I feel like giving. I always give a good sum though. I don't want to take advantage of the generiousty of the outpost. Many people I seen in this area arent very appreciative of the healthcare and sort of abuse it also. I guarntee you if their was a minimal charge they wouldnt show up with the flu or many other things that could be treated at home. I have heard people in the office not want to drive 20 miles either for free healthcare and get bitchy about it. I will drive 20 miles for decent afforable healthcare and not abuse the system. So many people take for granted many things they are entitled to. I hope I will always remember and be thankful for what my new country has gave me besided healthcare and that includes better civil rights than I had in the states. I'm starting to bleed maple leafs so I better stop.

I look forward to figuring out what I need to do as I feel better capable to deal with things even if it is overwhelming. I will probaly put around the house and get things done as I have to go to town tomorrow for a dental cleaning and combine everything tomorrow. I do need some relaxtion too as Rob-bear pointed out.
I want to thank my new blog followers for following this blog. I have found many interesting blogs lately with new followers and lurking on these blogs I have found more blogs also. It really makes me feel not so alone and heard. It puts a smile on my face to read blogs every morning with coffee whether I comment or not. I do pretty much keep up with everyone. I will also enjoy reading farther back on some of the new blogs I have joined. It really is nice to get a different view from reading blogs and cheaper than therapy:) I have got more out of blog land than years of therapy.


  1. "starting to bleed maple leaves..." Excellent phrase! Hope things get better. As for the lists - I think we may as well just exchange them for it seems you ignore yours as much as I do, good intentions aside. Peace.

  2. I do have great intentions:) I might not like your list as you stay busy.

  3. Isn't it nice when you finally get to see a good doctor who listens and cares, and even knows what he is doing?
    I read blogs with my morning coffee also, and have really gotten a lot out of them.
    btw, I started a new blog last night if you're interested it is at
    I'm hoping to find more positive things to write about on the new one. We'll see out that goes :-)
    Have a good day Kristy!

  4. Yes, it is grand when doctor's listen. I have been very fortunate in this.
    I'm sorry you have to pay so much for medical care. I must be missing something here.
    An important matter, Kristy; I think you have forgotten one of the most important rules in relation to procrastination."Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow, especially if there's a chance someone else will do it for you tomorrow." But perhaps that rule doesn't apply where you live.

  5. Linda, have joined your new blog my name joining blogs is buddhacatus. I really love your blog and read your new one also. I very excited about reading about age, and just life. I'm not a young chick (lol) (Rob) I'm a sponsored(married a canadian) permeant resident that is why I have to pay for at least two years. I don't mind. When I applied for my residency I was healthy except for my brain:) I don't mind paying though as it is reasonable. Every, canadian apoligizes I have to pay. It is the system though and I can understand it because besides refugees that are humanitiarn but most immigrants pay intial for services or at least in Ontario. I'm able to pay at the rate the government mandiates so who would be resentful that when it was less than I ever payed. Some other regulations about not working either but that doesn't bother me either. As, I have a pension.

  6. Oh, Rob (haha) nothing gets done unless I do it. I have no one else to do it:( and the people in this town never show up in time or even at all sometimes.

  7. hey woman--
    good to see that you're writin, and cruisin the blog land -- meetin folks.. sounds good for you.

    it was great -- really. - to see you yesterday. very rough spot in soulland lately - but things are movin right along.

    lists are a wonderful thing aren't they? i couldn't last a day without a list. of course -- like you - i bet i have a book full of un checked ones layin around here .

    loved the 'bleeding maple leaves , as well. true patriot :))

    smile girl-- and go fishin

  8. i'm a canadian citizen but lived out of the country for ten years, so i had to pay for medical care when i moved back (for the first three months). first month back i had to be hospitalized. fyi, it's 900 a night to stay in the psych ward. but the important thing is that it kept me alive. sure it took a while to pay the hospital bill but i was grateful for the care. i hope your two year anniversary comes soon!

  9. Soul, I miss you stopping by. I hope everything will gradually get better and you will feel a little better. I still really don't know how to fish. I'm more and more thinking about it.

  10. Catherine, I'm just very thankful to have it period. I have been paying it off promptly . Thank heavens for Visa at the moment. I'm just happy it is at a more reduced price than the states. I had a 72 hour hold one time in the states and it cost almost 6 grand. I want to be healthy as an ox when my two years come. Physically, I might be. Mentally, who knows:) I'm just very happy at the moment with the canadian sytem. I have been floating back and forth to the states for years and finally have stopped it several years ago and made this a full time home. Also thank-you for following my blog:) I really enjoy yours.