Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another Day In Paradise

It has been a busy week already. I think part of the reason I haven't felt motivation is physically my body hasn't wanted to go there. Not long after I wrote my last entry the other day , I had to go to the hospital again. I had irregular heartbeats for several days prior to that and it was only getting worse. I was waiting that day to call the Nurse Practioner. I was told to go to ER.

I went to ER. They treated me like I was having another heart-attack. It didn't feel that way to me but I was pretty weak all over. The doctor in the ER was treating me like I was having an panic attack. I know the difference with panic atttack and something wrong with my heart. Blood was drawn and ativan under the tongue was gave with the usual baby asprin just in case. I was hooked up to various machines. I had to wait till the lab work came back. I was suffering from very low potassium levels due to being depleted by one of the blood pressure medications I was taking. It was very very low. Potassium allows your muscles to work and if you don't have it it will make your muscles not function . The heart is a major muscle. I had to stay in the ER until they gave most of it back by IV. That took several bags and hours to push through my body. After, I was done they sent me home with more of this potassium pill called slow k. Disconituned one of my blood pressure pills. So , basically until I see a doctor next week I'm without a blood pressure pill. I still have another that is more for the heart. I switched to another blood pressure pill last week. The metropyhl(sp?) was blocking my heart so much that I couldn't do anything physically or have any stamina. I was in pretty good shape with stamina before taking it and made it impossible to do anything physical. I was told it was a beta blocker and it could possibly do that. So, last week they put me on a diarectic (water pill) Well that depleted my potassium. So, I don't know what is next with a blood pressure pill. I'm still on Cardizm. I was refreed to a person in this area that does hearts even though he isn't a cardioligist but a interetist. We have very little specializist in this area being rural . It is fine with me though. His office called yesterday wanting to hook me up to a 24 hour holter EKG machine and doing other testing such as stress test etc. I will know more today as I 'wasn't around the house to get the call. I will call and make that appoinment today when his office opens.

I have tried to stay busy as I have a million things to do. We took the puppy to the vet for her heart worm test. It is a little late in the season but finally got around to it. She is on heart worm now. Finally, after so long got around to taking the older elderly dogs urine up to the vet to test for cushings disease. We will know something by Friday.

After doing that we wanted something fast to eat but nothing to fast food so went to Pizza Hut. We generally don't eat out and didn't know if Pizza Hut would be terrible or not. To our surpise it was pretty good. We sat out on the patio and it was wonderful even though it did rain some while we where out there. What a smoker will do for a smoke. (haha) After, that we ran our usual errands and ended up at the vegetable tent. We have been so starved for anything vegetable or fruit. We bought a bunch of vegetables and bought some fresh salad by the pound. They have lovely salad already made. It is so nice to have a fresh salad already made up with a ton of veggies in it when your tired and don't feel like cutting that all up. I also got some fresh cut up fruit salad. It was loaded with fresh melons, berries of all types and kiwi. I also found a sicilian eggplant. Never have used one but it looks interesting. I think I will just grill it the same way I use eggplant. A little olive oil, salt and pepper. If anyone has a better way or a recipe for it please share.

I'm going to get a massage today. My shoulders and back have been hurting again. It hurts to sit and stand up. I'm not comfortable in any postion. it hurts to move around and be active. I walk like a little old lady. I push myself anyway but it is getting unbearable. The massage helps a lot but I get relunctant to do it because of the cost. I rather spend the money than to be in horrible chronic pain that renders me useless. This will just put the pain to an acceptable level where I can still move. The only other thing that really helps is percocet which I really don't want to get addicted to. I use this product also called Biofreeze. It does help a lot from stabbing pain to dull pain and makes me more flexible. I feel like an little old lady discussing all my aches and pains , health problems.

I think I will wrap this up and listen to the gentle rain and have my morning coffee.


  1. I'm astonished at how similar your story is to mine. (I'm reading your posts backwards, so my thoughts may be uncoordinated.)
    I've never had a heart attack, but I've been in hospital ER often enough for things which seem like a heart attack. Turns out the problem is a chest condition called costochondritis — a lot of pain, but not much damage. My neck, shoulders, and back have had a lot of pain, too, but not a huge amount of damage.
    Blessings and Bear hugs in the midst of all the "fun."

  2. I have joined your blog. I love to read your story also. I can relate to pain. It gets better sometimes. Like you know any little thing can trigger that. It is also nice to have another Canadian on my blog. It really is a different experiance living in Canada. Even if americans think it is similar. More subtle differences.