Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have been away from home now for three days. It has been wonderful and has made my mood more manageable. I didn't realize how bored I was at home or lonely until now. Boredom really fuels my mood in a bad way. Travelling I'm very used to. I used to travel every 3 months of the year back and forth to the states. I have a routine for everything at a motel or hotel. I also thought I never wanted back at another motel or hotel for a very long time. I spent almost 3 months of my life at one last year traveling before I just settled for Canada. Now I can enjoy not cooking and having a meal out because it isn't an all the time thing. I also adapt very easily back to hotel living because I'm so familiar with what they have and what they don't. I always bring my own coffee and coffee press to a hotel because they don't have adequate coffee. I also being an insomniac bring things, to do to not disturb my partner. I shouldn't let on I can be so quiet in the wee hours of the morning .
Overall , I'm having a fine time visiting my in-laws. I manage short little visits during the day not to get overwhelmed because my mood is still high. I pick places to eat that aren't flashy and have alot going on except the taste of the food because people at times gets on my nerves. I look forward to going, to the mall and shopping. After , being in a tiny town for 6 months I really miss all the selection of stores and how easy it is to find things. I also miss the sounds of a city . As I look out my hotel window I see one of the busiest highways in Canada and think oh , civilization. I miss people and not rude ones that I'm used to where I live. Or take your money for a half ass job or service because they think they are entitled. The more I'm here the more I don't want to go to that shit-hole town . I like service and without attitude or the pace of a snail. People actually smile here. It is more diverse and people mind there own business and not what everyone else is doing or not doing. I love the autominty that a city affords people . Then tomorrow I go back to reality with the grind of home and a small community . I'm not going to try to think about it today and enjoy my day. I have been wanting some Pho and think there is a place down the street that makes it. At least my taste buds aren't assaulted here and the food isn't bland, I do have to shop for my winter supplies such as skis and snow shoes to make this winter more bearable than the last one. I also am thinking about going to Henry's camera as they have the most wonderful camera equipment . I generally have had to order on-line. I just need a peek of a wide angle lens or a more of a telescopic lens for photographing birds and wild life as the one I have isn't that powerful. I also have to stock up on cat food as I don't ant to pay double for the same bag I buy at Pet value . I really didn't know they carried big bags of Royal Canine until I went shopping in another town this summer and paid about the same amount for a big bag than a little bag. It is crazy all the things I have to drag back home from the lack of availability where I live.
This trip I actually got better sleep also than when I was at home. Not as many distractions and I'm just real tired from being up all day and being busy. I take care of myself better and don't have the stress load that I do at home. Except for the meowing cat we took with us because we didn't want to leave her for 4 days. She is a riot. We left her with the TV on and came back and she was all in a fit because she jumped on the remote when we where out and had it off channel or ordered something pay per view. Don't really know. I hope she didn't rent a porno. The room was hissing and dark and took awhile when we came back to calm her down. Over all she does living out of a hotel fine and travels very nicely as she is seasoned at it. It also has been a treat to be away from the dogs a couple of days and I'm starting to miss them. We will pick them up tomorrow afternoon.
Well shower time to get started with my shopping today.


  1. Glad to hear your enjoying your vacation time. I know what it is like to live in a small town/place you hate. It is suffocating. it takes your soul and turns it into dust.

    I love motel living. lol! Really I do, I haven't moved around to much in the last two years, so I actually miss it. I like having that small quaint space with nothing but you and the room. Kinda weird, but true.

  2. I need to calm down about this small town living and just try to accept it as much as I can. How ever you do it (lol)

    I know what you are saying about small quaint space in a motel. It is a different concept that I really like and this time really seemed to help my mood.