Monday, November 2, 2009


Distraction is a good thing for aniexty. I have been experiancing a lot of anxiety this morning thinking about thinks I just can't control or predicts it's out come. I have been so nervous about a situtation in my life I was dry heaving in the bathroom.
I decided I just don't need to think and just do something productive. I groomed all three dogs and they look very nice and probaly weight less . It seemed like I stripped off a pound of fur. I'm very impressed with the furminator as it seems effortless to brush them with one brush instead of three. I even got the cat done also and didnt know she possessed so much loose fur either. I have turned into the domestic goddess this morning trying to cope with the anxiety Im experiancing. It feels horrible but it is more at bay at the moment . It makes me feel better when I can see results and I can get results by controlling what I can like cleaning the bathroom shiny. I have more things to distract me like menu planning and maybe a nice walk if the weather holds up. I need something to release this negative energy and exercise does it. I will keep my head up and keep trudging


  1. I wish I had got the furminator. I opted for the cheaper one instead, and it doesn't seem to work. A couple of months ago I thought our cat had some kind of a tumor but it turned out to be matted clumps of hair.

    I hope you are feeling better.

  2. This is my second furminator. I love it. It took a year to dull out one that I use on three dogs and a cat weekly. I like the motto because I rather have the hair in the trash than on my clothes. What kind of cat do you have? It must really have long hair. I have a mutt probaly siamese and something looks like a little tiger and meows all the time like a siamese.
    Thanks, I do feel better

  3. It's a long hair mutt. He has got about 3 hair matts now, we really have to take him in to a groomer. I would try to cut them out, but he isn't that friendly and won't sit still on a lap long enough.
    I wanted Sarah to grow up with a pet, so we got him about a year ago. We had a siamese (also a mutt) for about 12 years, but he was starting to get violent and unpredictable, so I ended up putting him down the year Sarah was born.

    Looks like it is going to be a nice day, ... have a good one.

  4. Parry Sound Animal Cinic has a groomer come in every week. Her name is Ruth and she is reasonable and does a fine job with cats or dogs.
    She also goes under Aragon groomers .
    It is finally a nice day , hope you have one too.

  5. We are having a nice day. Thanks for the tip on the groomer. I will look her up.
    I just finished reading your posts back to last Thursday.
    I hope things are going okay, for the both of you.