Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Therapy through cooking

I feel a little better today even though my mood hasn't passed . Just the way that I look at things in my life. I noticed to make a mood tolerable I have to ignore the negative self talk which I'm not always good at doing but after years I have started trying to re frame my thinking and just not worry so much and accept the moment. One of the things that helped me was staying distracted. I went on to cook for part of the day. I made stuffed green peppers and a roast. I made three huge stuffed peppers and was able to eat a half of one sliced for lunch with garlic roasted potatoes and corn. The left overs are for lunch today. The roast I did with a Cajun rub, onions and baby bella mushrooms. I had some for dinner and will make BBQ- beef sandwich's out of it today for tonight's dinner. The thing is I didn't feel like cooking but sometimes a healthy escape as doing what we need to do is great therapy and great to eat. It also makes me not have to think about fixing food for today. I also do know that three healthy meals a day are essential to me and will make a bad mood tolerable and a bad mood not tolerable if I don't eat healthy.

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