Sunday, November 8, 2009


I need to dig myself out of my boredom rut or I will watch crap on tv and read magazines that don't have much relevance. I caught myself watching The House Wife's of Georgia and New Jersey. Oh I have stooped to a level of boredom I never thought I would. If you have watched these reality shows all they do is try to one up each other in designer outfits and materialism. They are so superficial and even their appearance is such as they literally spray their make up on to go to one of the social events. They are petty , arrogant and everything I would never want to posses as a human being. It is interesting such people exist and I'm secertly intrigued to what shallow deeps these women go to. I think reality tv feels a void when people watch it and think "Wow, I can't believe how they act, I'm so much better than that".
I do have hobbies and a lot of them. I just can't concentrate on them in this murky mood. It is getting better though and picked up a magazine with more meat in it and hope to pick up a Sunday paper today. When my mood is in the depths of murky water I really don't care what is happening with the world and escape threw tv that has me not thinking except Wow , thank god I'm not that way. It is like feel good tv when your in the pits and that is about the only time it appeals to me. Nothing like a good dose of crappy tv when I get like this. Another favorite when I don't want to think is Judge Judy. I swear she gets idiots on purpose because they don't act very bright and she gets to yell at them for their stupidity. It is amusing in a non- thinking mood but doesn't appeal to have someone yelled at when Im in a better mood. I have a whole litany of shows I watch when Im in a non-concentration mood where I dont have to follow a plot. I also love women's household magazines when Im in this mood also as their isnt much of a plot and most women already know what ever they are writing about. Sometimes , I do like the recipes. It is a fun easy read and maybe I might glimmer a tip or two for something .
Now to start climbing out of this rut to do some of the things I enjoy like photography, Wii, just generally getting out of the house, cooking, and hopefully ice-skating this coming week. I will ponder as I finish my coffee about some of the better things and movies I could be watching . Or picking up one of the many books I have ordered and haven't got to. Or turning on the CBC for some real news and not what Kate Gosling has been doing. I really don't care what she is doing but when you have the attention span of a gnat it is better than watching something serious.

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