Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dreary Day

It is so dark and nasty out. I woke up very early in the morning again to find patches of snow and rain. Now it has turned into sleet. The trees are stark and the ground bare patches of snow and dead earth. It is just depressing. The sky is bleak as well as frantic with weather activity. Sort of sounds like my mood. I really need to force myself out of this house as I'm getting stir crazy as I haven't been to town in a week. Nothing ever comes out good when I don't go out and try to socialize even when I don't want to. I can forget jogging today as that has been the only thing to get me out of this house. I find myself increasingly irritable when I don't go for a jog or walk. The last two days I basically only go out to let the dogs out.
Once I get into the frame of not going out it is hard to go out again and I get comfortable in my isolation. I know isolation for myself builds and gets worse . Time for me to throw myself in the shower and bundle up after wards and stop whinging about the weather. Isn't that what raincoats are for? I got to tell myself this as I don't want to go out and will make any excuse available. If anything I need to force myself out even if it is for a dreary walk to clear the cob webs and agitation in my head.

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