Friday, November 6, 2009

Sunny Day

I have started my journey getting out of the house and it is such a nice day that I don't want to waste it. It is cold but very sunny and I have needed a day like this. I think it would improve my mood. Also, had to take some meds prn that is like the glue that binds my brain and takes the ants out of my pants. I have alot of errands to run today . I love productive days and I feel today will be one. I dont have anything heavy to do today so it will go good. Then I can start getting ready for my vacation next week and start planning what I will need for next week. I still have laundry to do as I dread that because I have to go to a laundry mat. It isn't to bad though if I'm in the mood. Everything isn't bad if I'm in the mood for it. I'm starting slowly once again to get in the mood for things and part of it I think is simple is the shining sun and just time for my mood to cycle through. I know it is far from over though and hopefully I wont be took hostage any longer by the mixed mood I have been having.


  1. I send my laundry to a wash and fold it makes life so much better!

  2. I used to until they started loosing half of it. I hate that because it does make life so much easier. I hate laundry.