Monday, April 25, 2011

Still Kicking

I had a crummy birthday yesterday and also Easter. I had plans to make a dinner but didn't feel up to it. J didn't make a fuss of it either. The only presents I got where from my family.I pretty much slept the whole day. When I was up I was pretty emotional. I'm getting a little better about not being dso depressed and emotional.
I was told it is common after a heart attack to be emotional and depressed. It is hard to have so much life in me and have to do nothing except lay on the couch. I feel frustrated most days now.

I guess I'm getting used to my meds as today has been the first day I haven't been dizzy. I get a little stronger each day. Or I tell myself that as Im not a person that wants to seat on my butt. I have a dental appoinment today and that is a postive . To get my teeth fix would help my self-esteem as I used to have pretty teeth and the psych meds made them terrible.

I'm going to try to do some activitys today as my body will tolerate it


  1. Good for you getting some things done for you! I do feel for you not having such a great Easter but there are other holidays. Get some rest and I hope the dentist is able to give you some of your confidence back.

  2. I'm sorry about your birthday and all the troubles that you have been experiencing lately. There is a letter in the mail to you so hopefully... wait, I just recalled the topic and it is not chipper. Sorry, I'll attempt to write something up when I get back from NC.
    In the meantime, be well and write like the wind - even if it's crap, do it and time will pass and getting it all out may even help.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!
    It sounds like you're pushing as hard as you can through this tough time, and its encouraging to hear that you're feeling a little stronger each day. I like that you said "I have so much life in me". It is so hard to be "stuck" inside a body that is acting up though. Be patient with yourself. It all takes time but things will get better eventually.
    I am so happy for you about getting your teeth fixed! I understand the teeth issue... I REALLY do. So yay for you! I hope this means you will be smiling a whole lot more :)

  4. @ In the pink: The teeth thing has been so important to me for apperance and health.

    @ Jhon one thing I ccan do and have a lot of time to do is write even if it isn't well (lol) Trying to get my humour back

    @ Jane : One crazy reason I think I have so much life is I'm manic in a broken body. It is so weird. My mania has been all over the place. Thankfully , they gave me some ativan at high doses. It really is crazy that I'm getting my teeth checked and can hardle even walk a block now. (lol) I'm still happy to get them done. Yesterday was the first day of x-rays and plans. I will have 6 visits and have a wonderful smile again. Actually that is a bonus but I'm worried about them from a health point of view. I didn't answer you with the possible heart attack. One of the labs I had was a ? cardiac test called a Troponin my number was 0.30 which is consistant it says with a heart attack. My hemoglobin and hemacrit was also elevated. I was never told that until I got all my notes back from another doctor and put on a heart med.