Saturday, April 23, 2011

High Blood Pressure

I have had a interesting week. My blood pressure has been off the charts. Some of those lovely jems have beeen 158/120 with a pulse over 120. 165/140 etc. My blood pressure has made me feel terrible. I stayed most of the day at the hospital one day with all sorts of tests, cat-scan to see if I had a stroke and other blood test.

Felt like crap the next day as my blood pressure wasn't lowering at all. I was an emotional mess as I was having angine and some other sysmptoms. Anxiety was taking over and it was bad.

The next day went back to ER with chest pains and high bloood pressure. I was put on two more pills which makes it three. This time the doctor gave me all the paperwork and x-rays and scans for my follow up appoinment I have in May. I found my paperwork interesting as on one page it did indiciate I possible had a heart-attack. I looked at my CBCs also and had levels that where abnormal also. I was dumbfounded that everything was handled in such a sloopy manner. Now I just have to be patient these blood pressure pills will work and slow my very fast heart.

I have to move slower and get some rest as I'm starting down the road of depression as I'm suppose to avoid stress and tension . I laughed at that. I'm not one to just sit my ass on the couch etc. I'm trying to maintain my sanity. When things settle down I will have to make life style changes. Little by little. I just need things to go back to a better normal and I was doing that until this happened.

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  1. Hey Kristy, that majorly sucks about your blood pressure, and wow, I am just shocked and even dismayed about your hospital visit and what the heck about the possible heart attack? It makes me mad when the health providers go and treat you and keep charts and forget to tell patients what they're doing. :P You have a lot going on right now and clearly your anxiety/stress is something that is really affecting your body in a negative way. I hope you find a way of overcoming it. How have you dealt with it in the past?? I really hope you're okay. I'm thinking about you girl xoxo