Monday, April 18, 2011


I have noticed a few things in the past couple of days. The weather really does affect my mood more than I would like to admit to. The weather also effects my body also. It seems gray and dark weather makes my joints and ailements hurt more. I think I'm just more aware of all my aches and pains.

I have also noticed when the SAD lamp doesn't cause me worse head-aches and higher moods, it does wonders. That is short term though as I can't do the SAD lamp very long as it really will push me over the edge.

I have also noticed I really have to eat balanced meals even though I don't feel like eating 3-4 times a day. Also, eating more frequently never allows my blood sugar to get all screwed up and moody as hell. I also sleep very well when I eat right and I'm not hungry when I go to bed. I don't wake up a million times. Eating right also gives me more energy. I have been back on my vitamins again and they are starting to give me some more energy also. I stopped them because they where upsetting my stomach so much. I really have to eat breakfeast taking vitamins. They still cause stomach distress but not as badly. I found probiotic yogurt helps me immensily with my IBS issues and my stomach isn't as bad off.

I'm back to wanting to be healthy again. I try to be more physical even though it hurts my body. I keep telling myself I won't be where I was physically at one time but in time I might. Years of injuring my body with high risk activities have took a toll on me. I'm looking at kinder hobbies. Can't wait till the weather gets nice and everything drys out for golf season. I have been rehabbing my shoulders nicely and hope to have more range and motion back for golf. I have been working through the pain with my shoulders and back with just doing what I need to do. Even though I have my down days. I still have to do a lot of adominal strenghting for my lower back. I'm at a place physically where I can get back to rowing with weights to strenghten my shoulders now. I'm aching to get physical again as I'm not used to being on the couch for months. It killed me mentally this winter not to be able to do the things I like physically.

I also noticed being more physical helps me deal with my anxiety better. It also helps with anger to just keep moving and doing something very physically demanding. It helps my racing mind too.

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  1. Darn,... Do you have to be so right about eating well and exercising????? I don't do either and I feel horrible all the time. I know your right though. I should take better care of myself if I want to feel better. Maybe you just spurred me on,....