Monday, May 30, 2011

The straw that broke the camels back

A quick post. I got a phone call two days ago to say my father was being rushed to the hospital. He had a heart-attack again . Well, now it is two days later and he is in renal failure(kidney failure) and heart failure. He has septis (blood poisoining) also . It looks very grim for him. I'm not postive as who would be when the facts are not good. Some of my family is religious and hang on to prayer and false postivity. I don't. All the prayer in the world wont fix the man. Science has more of a chance to fix him if his body doesn't all fail. My family is behaving at it's worse and I'm also. I just can't handle anymore anything. I snapped the other night and I'm not proud of it. Sometimes, a person can only deal with so much. I rather isolate from my toxic family and that is how I'm dealing with my own crap as I don't need there shit. I will post later but have bad cramps and my head feels as foggy as hell. It doesn't help that I had one hell of a hang-over the other day.


  1. It can't be a good situation you are in at the moment. It's bound to be a test. But there is support out there and from the sounds of it you need it more now. xxxx

  2. **hugs*** I'm sorry Kristy, that's terrible news :( In a time of crisis and heartbreak with a family member, the last thing you need is to feel estranged from the rest of your family. Wouldn't it be nice if you could all just pull together for something like this? When people are so "one way" and aren't able to put their opinions aside for the sake of the unity of the whole family's ability to support one another, I think that is really sad. Family should be able to pull together in times like this. That's what I think, anyway. Although, how realistic that is, probably not very. We live in a time when homes and families don't really operate on a 'togetherness' level as often. One thing I was thinking though, is that while I agree with you on the "false positivity" aspect,I don't think its necessarily a bad thing to pray for him even when it doesn't seem realistic that he's going to get any better... for one thing, maybe one day you will see a prayer answered, and for that reason, you really have nothing to lose by trying, unless you hate the thought of it. I think prayer can be also just for comfort and strength. I am a spiritual person and that's why I would pray. Maybe your family is more on the religious side, and if you think they have "false positivity" then I can see how that would be really annoying, especially if you don't share their faith and feel that they are toxic. I hope you feel better soon, I know you have had a lot going on in the last several months. Hang in there. xoxo