Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snap Crackle Pop

Yesterday, I went to a dental appoinment to meet the denturist that works with the denist. Oh it was a nightmare. I had to meet with the denturist because I needed a upper teeth as I elected to not spend wads of money trying to restore them but keep the bottoms as they need work but not much.
The guy walks in "I guess you haven't took care of your teeth" chuckle. I wanted to say your an idiot and the array of things and bubble thoughts went through my head. Not a great way to introduce yourself . Plus it is insulting regardless why my teeth are the way they are. Strike one. Open mouth and he checks my teeth and pulls on them and exclaims why are you going to get some dentures. He never looked at the xrays etc. Me: They are bad and I don't have thousands and thousands to rehab them. Him: I don't agree. He rolls eyes at me and says it is your body I can't tell you what to do. etc. I'm the consumer , I'm not a endless bottomless pit for money . Do what I tell don't give me shit. The denist agreed with me about my teeth after looking at xrays and looking at them. (or I thought) Strike two. Oh this really ticked me off this one. It seemed like the denturist was not sure why I was there. Hmm.. I was suppose to be having teeth pulled in like 9 days. He was surpised. I was surpised he didn't know. They are suppose to corrindate that stuff. He walks out the door and has a conversation loud enough with the denist I hear it. It goes something like this: Denturist: Why are you going to pull those teeth? When are you going to? You need to move up the scheduling etc. The dentist a two face snseaky snake says . I told her I could just fill them. (lie) Believe me if I could just have some fillings I would jump on it. I can't remember the rest today. But the denist was a complete two faced liar.

I was hopping mad after I left. The whole experiance with that place was bait and switch. It began with a promise of looking at my teeth for 50 bucks that ended up costing over 250 the first time. That should of alerted me in the first place. I was stupid in the first place. Xrays always cost money. Well, it gets better. I get a quote for about a grand to do some work. I thought hmm. cheap but I have had dental work pretty cheap in this area so I didn't question it much. Then that week-end in the mail I get the true estimate for doing some extractions and some basic fillings and cleaning. This quote was 4 grand that didn't include the partials. They basically wanted 200 hundred to pull a tooth. Plus all kinds of misc. I was going to do it but I hated it and deep down thought something was real wrong with the picture and something stank bad like dishonesty. I could go on and on about this piece of work denist and denturist.

I was upset and discussed it with J later that day after having a frustrating day with some other things also. Did I mention the town I live in is SLOW. I could say some other mean things also about it but I was pissed by the time out of the dentist . So, anything one of the local rubes would do around here would make me mad where I usually suck it up and make some remark but don't let it anymore get me going. The day was just compounding to me exploding or mostly emploding. J said it look like I was going to have a stroke. I guess I was pretty mad. I should of just went home and not tried to get some pizza. Reminder to self never go out to eat in this town when angry or any other kind of emotion because it is lousy and the service is horrible. It just makes my anger worse about how slow people move in this town. I have to be severely depressed to eat out in this town. I don't expect anything in that mood and don't care at all. They can be very slow and very under average with the heated up crap they serve . Most any other time it is an assault on my tastebuds. The insanity with me is me expecting them to change there ways and it will be better after a year or two. Well, it is just insanity. Because it doesn't change. The only thing to eat that is decent in this town is sandwhichs and soup or the mobile grill, chip shack. Pretty much not a seat down dining experiance.

I'm rambling... I got back home and talked to J and after J said what I was thinking. I was thinking the man was a crook and didn't trust either one of those men. I picked up the phone book and looked to see if they had someone else different to do this work. I used to like my other denist in this area as he did some emergency work for me over the years. It didn't advertise he did such work. So, I called and to my ill research he did about anything. Also, found out he charged half to do an extraction. Better yet , I trust this guy as he is kind and doesn't BS and is proffesional. I called back the other place in a nice way and said I just had problems all around with the place. Expressed, my anger and cancelled all my appoinments and said I would be picking up my xrays today. Called back the other place and made an appoinment and fill very happy about a second opinion and will actually trust this denist judgement with what really needs to be done. As, he doesn't see me as a gold mine. I'm willing to spend money but only what is fair and not be gouged and took advantage of. It felt very impowering to change all of this .


  1. I had a dentist like the crook - she was bad news and a bitch for all seasons - eventually I found a guy when I got the first apartment with my wife - he was good, fast and low cost and does everything. Several moves later we still use him and recently brought my MIL there to see him for a full upper and partial lower - she has no insurance so he gives us a hefty discount and another when we pay cash. The work is superb. Finding a good dentist is difficult and the first thing I note is if they call themselves a doctor without a PHd or an MD - if they have those then they are doctors but most do not and they ought to be called MS or MR - Maybe I am just protective of the Dr. Title as I have a doctor of metaphysics and still never call myself Dr.

  2. Good for you on getting a second opinion. my dentist only charges $85 approximately to extract a tooth. You were being taken for a fool at the other dentist. What a crook! Hope the other dentist has better news.

  3. Kristy,

    Firstly, I feel so bad but I haven't read this post yet but I will come back and read it in a bit!! :)

    I just wanted to let you know that I've changed my blog name and url but it's still me, the same Jane (Fashion my castle to stand). (If you click on my name you'll be directed to the new url) <3

  4. Oh dear!!!!! What a hellish experience you've had! I'd me flipping all over the place if I were you. I'd probably have a full episode if I were provoked that much. ESPECIALLY regarding dental stuff! I have dental coverage THANK GOD because if I didn't, I would have no teeth. I would just have pulled them all out myself. And maybe would have died of septic shock. Because WHO is made of money for teeth?! Good grief! I feel so bad, Kristy. You don't need to put up with stupid dentists who are using you as their bank account. I'm glad you found someone you think you can trust. I hope it goes well. Keep us updated!!! Take care!!!