Thursday, May 26, 2011

The mouse that scared the elephant

Yesterday, I did a follow up at a nursing outpost. I was surpised by how nice the staff was and how great my nurse is going to be. I actually have more faith in her because of how detail oriented she is and also her personality. She took my info and took my blood pressure. It was high but lower than it has been in awhile. I should say stable high. That has been good enough for the last doctor I went to. it wasn't good enough for her. She also gave me a little talk about my smoking. Generally, I don't listen to that part of my health. I listened this time. She was an ex-smoker that still struggled. She was realistic about it and gave some good advise. She was also not fit or skinny and gave realistic advise about exericse and eating . My problem with the both of those things is either I exercise and eat good for awhile but stop when my mood is not into it. For me it is going to have to be more of a rountine I stick to and not when it suites my mood.

She wanted me yesterday to wear a 24 hour blood pressure monitoring holter machine . To get a true sense of my blood pressure. It was fine until it just malfunctioned. I will have to go back and have it fixed or reprogrammed. It isn't the most comfortable thing to be hooked to for 24 hours. For the several hours I had it on yesterday before I realized it wasn't working I was more aware of the spikes in my blood pressure. The machine has a button to push when your having an event. Me and J was joking I stress out all the time everything is an event. After, the machine will collect the data, I will go back in a week. If it is on the high side I will be scheduled to see the doctor that makes visits to get prescribed another blood pressure pill as the nurse has her doubts about how well my blood pressure medication is working. I dread it as I hate switching any meds and getting used to the side-effects. It has took this last month to get used to the ones I'm on and not be extremely exhausted. It is helping me think about lifestyle changes even more as it is cheaper in the long run and I hate taking any meds. For the most part I have changed my eating over the past couple of years. It will be more exercise, stop smoking and managing my anger and stress. After, writing that I think pills are easier (lol)

Finally, a scary story for me but funny story. Last night I was in bed trying to go to sleep. The cat was laying on my side. I felt her back claws rip into me jumping off of me. The next thing I hear was little squeaks. The next thing I know is I'm laying on top of J screaming turn of the light. Well J was smashed under my big body. I couldn't bring myself to get off and when I did move I ended up laying on J's legs. Finally after awhile I moved. The cat was killing her prey a little to slow for me. As she would get a grip she would let go and do it again and again making the rodent scream. I was screaming at J to get whatever she killed away from her. The cat dropped it on her scratching post and didn't want J to take it away. J said it was a vole and threw it outside somewhere. I have a phobia of anything rodent. It will send me into a panic. I get a paralying fear if I see or hear one. I also scream like a little girl when I see one. I don't know why they scare me so bad. It isn't like they will hurt me. It is very silly actually and I know it. I feel embrassed about having such a horrible phobia of rodents. It took me forever to get used to my daughters pet rat. It took me basically several years to look at it or touch it. It was very nice also. I wouldn't go into her room with that rodent in there. It took basically the last year of its life to deal with it. I'm still not wild about the idea of any pet rodent. Out of sight out of mind Im ok. I really can't tolerate the wild variety of any rodent. I think they are nasty and filthy carrying germs. I have nothing against rodents but stay out of my house. I bet it is a sight to see someone as tall and as big as me climbing the walls when I see one or couches ,beds etc screaming. I know I look silly. I didn't sleep well at all last night thinking their could be another one somewhere.

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