Thursday, February 10, 2011

I have a new facebook

After, reading blackfogs comment it just made sense to make a facebook for myself and to keep certain people off of my new one. I can be me more. It is great. Just friends and making new friends. If anyone one wants to add me : Kristy Thorn. The picture is of a winter scene. If I could figure it out at the moment I would add a facebook badge to this page. After, I publish this I will look up . I miss being in a bipolar community or just having a community of my friends and not family. Welcome to my new split personality:)(sorry fog for using your words) but loved it.


  1. I will look for you now. I'm under Indigos_Ramblings if I can't find you. :-)

  2. I am excited for you girl! I look forward to having you as a facebook buddy.