Thursday, February 10, 2011

Family and Facebook Defriending

I have had a lot of traffic on my sight ranting about facebook. I though I would bring up another annoying problem about facebook and that is family. I'm unfortunate enough to have about 35 people on my facebook who are family. I have the option to set my privacy settings to where I block there access to my content. Defriend them, or to set up another facebook account where I can post what the hell I want. I have all kinds of annoying family on facebook. The one that sees my status update and calls my mom to ask her what the hell is wrong with me. The family member that post something on my status that has nothing to do with the topic. The religious freak relative. Ones that are up in my business. (stalker) Don't get me wrong I like to stalk at times. Yahoo, post so many articles about security and makes it hard to stalk people since the security settings are tighter. The thing is I don't want to be stalked or my information being sold to a third party. I also have that relative that is the chronic inviter. I get a request for all sorts of games. I have dealt with that by blocking all invites from that person. I really don't want to play mafia wars, farmville or any variation of those games. I play about 2 games and that is about it.

The thing is I'm not even close to my family and in little brief tidbits I post they seem to be an expert on me. I also when I call my mother I hear can you refrain from posting what ever is offending or anything at all. I guess my solution to be me on facebook is to create an account where I can be me and reinvite just friends. I don't know when I will do this as at the moment I'm liking to stir the pot and get some of my family members offended. Frankly, I get sick of most of the whiny ass relatives I have bitching about the weather, being fakes when I damn well know better, etc. So, I will play along a little longer because I'm in the mood to screw with them. My advice to annoying family members is to block access to your wall and responses. Or not accept the request in the first place. I feel like my facebook is for me and not my family. My views are mine and if they don't like them they have a hide feature to hide what I post or vent on. I'm opinionated on facebook and have beliefs some of them don't like. That is fine but I don't want them commenting to my mother what I'm doing. Some of them totally lurk and get info to suit them and don't have the balls to say shit to me. Time for another account.


  1. I have a split personality when it comes to the internet. I have my 'safe' facebook, email and twitter account which I just keep everything light and happy.
    Then I have my 'real' facebook, twitter and email account (under an annonymous name) that I use to be brutally REAL. I have found that I have met so many great people on these accounts. I can be myself, rant, rage, whine and still people understand as most of them are dealing with mental illness issues as well. It's been theraputic & I highly recommend it.

  2. I think I'm really going to set up another account. I never discuss how I feel on facebook but I'm pretty political and would like another outlet for many things that you have pointed out. Thanks , for stopping by. I'm going to probaly do it as soon as I feel in the mood. I don't always need to ruffle my familys feather but sometimes it is just fun. Something, just don't need to be shared with them.