Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I woke up Saturday morning to a surprise. I was so sick. Sneezing, nose dripping and my stomach felt like a volcano about to erupt on both ends of my body. My body has felt like a wet noodle for the 3-4 days. I feel a little better and I'm gradually enjoying solid food. Haven't done my morning ritual of coffee and breakfast yet. My schedule has been totally been in upheaval for the past couple of days. I really haven't done much except watch a ton of television.

Valentine's Day was just another day also with J being sick also. We where sick in bed together yesterday. We where going to get take out Chinese and watch a movie yesterday. Both of us don't feel good enough to watch a movie. Our attention spans are so low to begin with and then throw in having the flu and you get no concentration at all. It has been a ton of reality programming on the television. I usually have some sort of theme something for Valentines Day. I can be a real cheesy sap at times. Most people don't get to see my soft side and J does get to see it. J likes it but thinks it is a bit to much at time. A little too girly.

Back to trying to get some structure back in my life today. Looking forward to cooking a complete meal also today.

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  1. ah, the bad flu tuesday. Me too - hoping that it is over soon - can't stand the sound of the typewriter when I am sick.