Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unwelcomed Energy

I have been having a nice lazy morning. Drinking coffee and listening to some classic rock on the satellite radio. I have been catching up on reading blogs and facebook. I haven't been able to relax in a couple of days so this feels nice. I have been edgy and unsettled with a sense of nervous energy. I have been putting that unsettling energy to good use . I did all sorts of yard work yesterday as it seemed to help. I mowed, trimmed pulled weeds, stacked wood and got rid of brush piles. It seemed to help get some of that unwelcoming energy out of me. I even tackled the mess of the kitchen. All the work I did yesterday has left me more even kilted today. I don't know how long being calm will last but I will go with it.
I have all sorts of errands to do today since yesterday the thought of being trapped in a car wasn't going to happen. I even thought yesterday wasn't the day to deal with people either. So, today happily they will get done. I haven't had the patients to do laundry at the laundry mat . I have been paying the laundry ladies to do it and it has worked out good. I'm trying to eliminate some of the crap I truly hate around here when it doesn't work with my mood. It has helped me concentrate on some of the stuff I like in my life like working out and cooking. Also, I'm going to re-seed my lawn this week-end since it is all together. I much rather re-seed my lawn than do laundry. I better get off here and start planning my day as it might be rather long getting things done in town since the hoardes of tourist that embark on the town every week-end.

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