Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today, is overcast with the sun trying to peak through. It is like the sun can't make up it's mind and come out of the big clouds. Lately, I can't make up my mind with the littlest task and it seems I'm going in circles because of my lack of concentration not pearing out of the clouds of my mind lately. Just about there like the sun but not fully out and being my brightest. They say it is spring and I haven't sprung forward yet and I'm in a little limbo like the weather not making up it's mind about what to do and what season it's in. Many times my mood reflects the seasons and the change. I feel like this is the season of limbo before things come out and grow out of the dead ground. I feel like a tiny crouscous or a daffodil trying to come out but not maturing yet to my full bloom. Trying to find the warmth and the sun to nuture it . I feel completely in limbo lately. I just can't get it together to connect the dots or form a structured rountine lately. I don't know what to blame it on but I just wish it will pass and I know it will. I hate list but I know I'm going to have to make one and actually do what needs to get done. Everything is a mess and the house is driving me crazy and needs a good cleaning. My head needs a good spring cleaning also.


  1. boy, i can relate to this one.
    hope the sun shines tomorrow-

  2. well did ya get an umbrella? want me to send one? :))

  3. I need a rain suit this week:)