Thursday, March 11, 2010

Murphys Law

I have been a little out of commission with a bummed knee and some sinus crud since last week. I think I tore or sprained a liagment downhill skiing. It seems to give me an awful headache standing up. My knee is real swollen also and clicks like it isn't tracking right. I'm upset to think this is going to take awhile to heal and will put me out of commission for awhile. I'm less like myself moving around in a whirlwind and exercising also. I just hope this knee wont get in my way this summer with my summer sports of golf and mtn. biking. It sure has put a dent in my mood being immobile lately. It also doesnt help having a head full of snot.
I had a week-end planned to be away this week-end and dread it now. I just want to seat around and read but probaly will have to do that somewhere else now. I want to have a good attitude but my mood is such a mess lately. I make plans and life sort has been making them for me.

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