Saturday, March 13, 2010


I went out of town again. This time not for my hobby but for J's. I planned on today as a shopping day but with a bumbed knee I'm not in the mood. I'm a little tired of shopping anyways. I have about 4-5 hours alone today and I'm not sure what I will do.
I have a whole bag of magazines. I need to read what I bought about a week and a half ago. I haven't read any of the new reading material that I have purchased. The thing is I feel extremely restless today and feel like getting shit faced drunk. Not for any particular reason except my mood I suppose. I hate the bored restless feeling with a touch of anxiety that I get at times. Most of the time exercise will get that feeling out. I haven't been able to exercise for about a week and a half. I cant wait until this knee heals some. I did bring a computer game of scrabble along so I may work my brain a little.
Boredom I think is the worst to deal with anymore and I'm chronically bored and under stimulated. I really think it is mood as nothing can satisfy me at the moment. I better stop writing , I'm boring myself. Time to turn up the music and get myself a beer.

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