Monday, March 22, 2010

Some of the links I nominated
Bipolar We Can :
Overlooking James Street
On the Ranch
Soul Surviour:
Desperatley Searching for my Inner Mary Poppins http//
I will update more later when I find 6 more.
I hope you will visit these blogs as they are fine blogs. I'm awarding breaking the rule by not posting 12 now.


  1. it's ok to break the rules sometimes-- 12 really is a lot -- :))
    don't sweat the small stuff

    and thank you for passing the award to me. i love the sunshine -- maybe you know that -- but if not-- this is the best thing ever-- especially now-- maybe i'll go fishin?
    thanks again

  2. Wow thanks so much! :) This award because of it's amazing title and what it means,gives me so much happiness to receive! :)

    Thank's again!