Monday, March 29, 2010

Facebook Defreinding

I have been hibernating in the house. I have took to the couch computer and TV for the past three days. I also broke my diet for ice cream and assorted junk. I even took up an application on facebook and Im actually having fun with it. I swore off applications on facebook but I have been bored and immobile and it is a nice way to dick away the time. Talking about facebook, I had a friend of 17 years off and on defriend me. I'm hoping she just quit facebook and didn't defriend me. She hates applications and I think if your so petty to defriend someone over applications I dont need you as a friend. Hide that shit!!! I hide farmville and other things all the time. Why I care I don't know. I just don't like being defriended. It wasn't like we have been close friends for awhile and she is even sort of an ex. I guess that would define a romantic relationship for awhile . It wasn't like that more like a couple of flings that went into a friendship. I'm friends with most of my ex's. I'm not going to worry about it anymore but for christ sakes I don't understand being defriended for stupid shit. I'm almost thinking facebook is highschool again with some people.


  1. OMG -- you sound just like me-- well - any ex's i had were -- like forever ago-- but when it comes to friends -- mostly online -- cuz real people scare the crap outta me. it's a phopia - meeting people i mean. you'd have to kinda read my entire blog to 'get that'. and i don't expect - or really even want you to do that. so i just hope you can kinda get it - that i'm just a hermit - and a people phobe -- just cuz of crap like that. people are simply petty. all the way from kindergarten to the nursing home. they come and they go -- and for the dumbest reasons in the world. sometimes - ya just never even figure it out.
    so facebook eh? yeh -- maybe you friend just stopped altogether -- or maybe she's (?) he?s? playin headgames. who knows. why people choose the sensitive ones to do this crap to - i will never know-- maybe because -we're - easy prey. they think = we won't strike back, and they can just keep hurtin us over and over and we will continue to let them. my theory. cuz i do that. i used to do it more often. not so much anymore. ONE person got in and really twisted the blade in the last many years. the rest have been computer friends, not meant face to face-- but it's funny how even they get to ya now and then huh?
    i say don't take it so personally. i am getting better at it- but it's like when someone 'stops following ' my blog. and doesn't tell me why. it's a slap in the face.. but hey -- i have looked at it like it's their loss, not mine--- cuz i will write regardless. i even notice that they still lurk. the y still read -- so wth.
    they are the one with the problem. not me.
    you still have somethin these people want-- it's their own problem, why they don't other folks to know about it-- i know that's not much help-- cuz yeh-- i'm still confused too. just wanted you to know -- it's not YOU. really. it's not. people are just messed up-- and jealous. and stuff. don't feel bad for it. oh and, just cuz my last couple posts don't reflect that? that's only cuz - when i blog? i learn things about myself -- and these are the things i've learned :))
    happy day -- step away from computer -- or not-- do what you enjoy :))

    actually -- just for the gettin to know you better -- what is it that you enjoy?
    by now - surely you know i FISH.. when i can.
    and i write -- topics fluctuate in emotion and length :)) and i love my animals - and one is on the way .
    your turn--

  2. I'm a hermit also that mostly stays to themselves also. I like people better on the computer than in real life. Or at least I have more on-line friends than real life ones at this point in my life.
    What do I like to do? I like golfing, biking in the spring , summer, fall. I love skiing in the winter and winter activities. I like most outdoor activies. I like cooking and gardening also. I love my three dogs and cat also and spend a lot of time with them also.

  3. good to know-- similar aren't we?
    my new addition isn't coming tho. life got in the way, but that's ok.
    how ya doin?