Monday, March 22, 2010


I have been suffering from G.A.D (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) for the past few weeks. I just thought I had a touch of something until the dizziness, light headed, nausea and head-ache persited for weeks. When I figured it out I had to figure out what I was so anxious about and a lot of it has been just everyday living things and my family. I have started to take some prn meds and get back to my exercising and making goals toward the change of season to make my mind not think about my life at the moment and it is working. I also have been doing some deep breathing exercises. When I figured it out it was like a light switch turning off all those symptoms and just not thinking I had something worse helped also. I'm feeling much better and hope to do more with my anxiety with some behaviour things such as thinking about things in a different way and not procrastionating as much which is a big problem of mine. A lot of life is how we look at it and deal with it and I wasn't dealing with it like I should and allowing stress to build up. I'm ready to start tackling it.


  1. "A lot of life is how we look at it and deal with it"
    that is so so true !
    get busy and get to tacklin girlie :))
    you're definitely on the right track -- one step at a time.
    like you-- i am beginning new awareness's too. it can be big and scary if we look at the big picture all at once -- but maybe we can take it one puzzle piece at a time. reckon?
    i think that's how i need to begin my journey.
    good luck with yours

    thanks for comin by
    nice to meet ya

  2. just dropped by to check in on ya-- howya doin?
    hope things are good in your world :))

  3. My mood is a little all over but I'm doing better. Hope to blog more this week-end. Thanks for stopping by.:)