Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm back

I have sat here wondering what to write. I have been having writers block of some sort. So far after my daughter has left I have managed getting some sort of flu and pulling the muscles and liagments near my ankle on the back of my foot. I'm over the flu but the flu helped me stay still enough for my foot to start healing. I went and had it massaged and ultrasounded and it is about back to normal. I also do daily stretches and that helps a lot.

I'm also back to my decluttering and getting things done around the house. Finally got that treadmill into the main house. It weighed over 200lbs and had to get the guy up the street to help me. My muscles are screaming. It is done though and all I have to do is put it together. It has been sitting out in the studio since Januarary. Yesterday, I could hardly move and I was so tired moving all the things out of the house to get the treadmill in and also lifting the treadmill.

I'm trying to clear out the studio for the a/c. We dont have a/c and that is the only room to handle the load of one. I also want to clear out the junk room/studio so J can get back to painting. I want to have everything organized by winter. We only have about three months of summer then it gets cold again.

Im also trying to get into some sort of structured rountine which is real hard for me also. I'm also trying harder to get out of the house. I just really don't like going out period as |I have everything I need at home. I do manage to do some shopping when I need to . But my justification of not going out is being broke and it seems to work. I do go outside though but just not to town. I'm hoping with this warm up soon , I will get back to swimming. 


  1. Sorry to hear about the flu and foot problems. Those are no fun at all.

    Structured routine sounds like a good thing. I have a somewhat structure time, but mine is very flexible.

    I hope you can get out, broke or not.

  2. I am happy for you for being able to muster up some words. I know how writer's block can be and think it is great to get starter somewhere.

    Glad to know your foot is better. I understand about staying home, but sometimes it is good to get out. Even if it is just to "smell the roses".


  3. Blog post requested, and blog post received! Yay! Very proud of you for all these things you are trying and things in the pipeline.

    (Sorry to hear about your poorly foot, but glad it is on the mend)

    :) P x

  4. I finally got our treadmill back from my daughter. Now I have a place to hang some old clothes and set some boxes.

  5. Welcome back and good on you getting the treadmill into the house now you just have to use it for something other then a clothes Hope you are feeling much better now