Monday, June 4, 2012

The Grass Grows

Everyone is a sleep and it is so nice:) I really like my time in the morning. Both K and J can sleep the day away. We are all three on a different sleeping schedule. It makes it interesting. K naps some in the day and is up all night and can sleep all morning also. Me, I go to bed at about 8;30 or 9 and sleep till about 4 . J goes to bed about the same time as me a little later and can sleep the whole morning away. I finally had to take something to get more sleep yesterday as I was so tired and tired and stress doesn't work for me. I actually just got up a few times in the night and went right back to bed. Slept till 6;30 this morning. It felt like sleeping in.

We had a real lazy day yesterday. It was 13C for other people around 50 degrees. It was mostly rainy. I did though put some grass seed down as they tore up the backyard with the backhoe. Even removed about 3 years worth of bulbs also in that area. I'm not happy but what else could they do. I will make it even better this fall and also try to plant some summer flowers that come up every year also there. My most important thing in that area is to plant grass as it has been so muddy and I want to prevent anymore erosion. I found this grass that really is no fuss planting. It will even grow on concrete. It is a golf green grass and really does well as I have used it before.  I did the grass planting while J and K went to town to get pizza. K also had to stop by the drug store for stuff to do her nails. K is such a girly girl and much diva like. I'm so not like that. But I'm happy to support her girly girl habits which are expensive. I'm always amazed at K's impractial shoes also in the bush. K would wear heals camping. Thank-god she did bring a pair of tennis shoes. Even though she reminds me she feels like she is slumming it. It is funny and not funny at the same time to see her sink in the mud with her shoes that are so impractial here. Well back to the point we watched some Harold and Kumar movie. It was very stupid and I had to go take a nap. I didn't say anything. I wanted to get rested up for the long haul of this visit. I hate complaining all the time about how tired and how much I hurt all the time so I thought I would get some rest and do many stretches with my back and shoulders. When I woke up probably a hour after I took a nap she was asleep. I was up hours and she still was asleep so didn't wake her. Put things up went to bed. As soon as I was asleep I heard some wrestling around and she was up. I'm sure she is bored out of her mind so far but it will get better. K also has been fighting being sick also. She gets physically sick every time she is stressed and goes somewhere. That has happened every since she was a wee little girl. I was glad she was resting as she can get very sick.  We have no idea why her immune system is such shit. A couple of years ago she was sent to St. Jude's for a leukemia scare but it turned out she was OK but has some white blood cell problems that was never addressed fully. But most of the time she is fine. That period of time drove me mad thinking she might have cancer. I was so relieved.

Don't know what we will do today as it is threatening to rain again and is so dark. As, I look up though the sun is trying to make it's self come out. I would dance a happy dance if it could at least not rain today. K wants to look at the little shops in town. They are great if your a tourist and shit if your not as they just carry tourist crap. Maybe I can talk her into decent shoes to take a walk on the nature trail also. She is so girly but at the same time rides a dirt bike and loves nature also but just in heals. I shake my head though. I hope it holds off on raining the whole time as I want to canoe with her and swim. Go to the beach etc. I have been missing bbqing and grilling also. I have cooked more than I usually do. I like it though and it is only for about 2 weeks.


  1. I have never had a sleep schedule, EVER. I will sleep three ours or twelve. Just depends on things. That is why the time change doesn't bother me. I went to bed this morning at 4:00 a.m. and was up at 8:30 because I had to take the dogs out and feed them. I can always take a nap during the day if I feel tired. I LOVE being retired. I should have done it forty years ago. :)

  2. My sleeping has been terrible for years. I (can) sleep at all hours of the day and night, and be awake the same. Like Coffeepot, I am retired, so it does't matter these days, even thought I have gone back to work. I just work around my sleeping. LOL

    Glad you got the grass in. Mud is not a lot of fun. For most people.

    Hope you and K get some good time together to chat about your lives.

    Blessings and Bear hugs.

  3. Reading this made me think of my daughter Natasha she is a girly girl and would wear high heels all the time no matter what, although since she has been with this last guy she has been wearing joggers for the first time.....

    I have a sister who is in her 40's and she can sleep most of the day and night I have never know someone to sleep so much who wasn't a teenager...........because we all know teenagers sleep a lot especially teenage

    I use to have to have a nap during the day but not in a long time since I got my C Pap machine but I would be in bed really early at night but now I am having iron injections and can stay up a little longer but not much......maybe after I finish the injections things will improve

  4. I am really pleased you are having a good time with K, and you are enjoying your peaceful morning (I like those too). :) N x