Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Answering Questions

The first question I received was by Josie. The question was What is the most fun vacation memory you cherish, and what would be your fantasy of the perfect time away?

 Wow, That is a hard one and I will try to keep it shorter than I like. I could post and post about favorite vacations. I have had many awesome vacations. I have been a very fortunate person to have travelled a lot and to have many vacations. My vacations and favorite ones depends on my moods though and what I need at the time I take them. I have done of a lot of impulsive vacations also. Boom my bags are pack and I'm gone in a couple of days after a little research. So, I guess if I have to pick one and in the mood I'm in I would have to say it would be one of the peaceful ones I have took to Lake Superior. I try to camp their every year. It is peaceful and full of serenity. The most noise you hear are is the  crashing wake. The water forms caps from the wind and it crashes all against the rocks. The wonderful sand beaches that line where we stay is such a treat. I tend to walk them or jog on them everyday when we are there. I also try to mediate by the water in the morning using the waves as my mantra. I love camp cooking also. I seem more organized. Structure comes so easily to me when I camp. It seems that I use all my senses when I camp. Northern Ontario seems to be a wonderful place for me and so majestic with beauty. It is also so relaxing. I can seat in a lounge chair all day and just watch the waves, birds etc. I also love to read and read . I also get to indulge in photography which I like to do also. It seems I get to engage in all my favorite things when I go camping.

The second part is really dreaming but my fantasy time away would to be able to travel Europe for a month by myself. I want to be selfish and only do the things I want to do. I love other cultures and very curious so doing something like this would be very stimulating. I would love to go to older hotels and just be waited on. I would love to try all the different foods. (I'm a foodie) I would love to go to all the museums and spend endless hours wandering them. I would love to visit Spain and lay on many of the beaches they have and just be. Travel around on a train and get lost on whim in each country. Explore the less travelled path and not do such the touristy thing and get to learn the customs of some of the different countries also.

Next question was by Ranting Monkey. Here is the question.Is there a song you hear that instantly improves your mood every time you hear it and if so, what song is it?

I love music but the one that popped off the top of my head was I feel so pretty from The West side story. Song and Video   It makes me smile and laugh.

The next question is by One Brave Duck. The question is :  How do you define bravery and do you consider yourself a brave person?

Yikes, you made me think and think on this. Oh I could probably ponder this for days. I will try to condense this as much as I can. I really thought about this for hours after it was asked and it isn't very simple for me to define. It also made me think about myself and others also. Bravery to me isn't defined in the dictionary for me and tend to think it is way to simplistic and doesn't reflect the idea very well and I tend to disagree with it. I think courage goes hand and hand with bravery. I also think their are many different types of bravery. Such as physical, moral and physicological. I think for me it is to feel the fear in situations in life and do it anyway. Also, to stand up to what I believe whether it is comfortable or not. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The second part of the question is do I consider myself a brave person. Not anymore. I used to be braver. I have been becoming more comfortable with being a person that no longer rocks the boat as I used to rock the boat all the time. I also have became more cynical. I have become complacent in life also. Seems , I don't much reach out of my comfort zone in the past couple of years.

The last question comes from The thoughts of a Bipolatr ftm : Do you use any simple techniques to improve a day that is going or has gone bad?

Yes, I try to breath a lot . Lots of deep breaths. I also try to distract myself usually with something brainless. Like stupid TV or cleaning. Something general to escape. It could be anything such as reading fiction etc. Depends on what I'm trying to get through the day with and my mood. Sometimes , also I just go for a walk. Sometimes, I just try to go back to bed and sleep the day away until another day. Sometimes, I will play a game. Sometimes, I journal. Sometimes, if it is real bad I don't move from one spot as all I have to do to stay safe is stay in one spot such as don't get off the couch. I also listen to music a lot also.

Wow, that was harder than I thought. I had to use my brain. Thank - you for all the questions!


  1. Thank you for joining us in this.

    About bravery, I think it comes in two forms. The conscious form, a shy kid raising his hand in class to answer a question, and instinct, a person that can't swim diving into a lake to try to save drowning kids.

    I think speaking of our own bravery is hard because things we do that seem mundane can seem extraordinary to someone watching what we go through.

    Great answers!

  2. Dear Answers Lady:

    I am wondering what brought you to Canada. Scenery? Friend? Quieter life? Please tell!


  3. i love canadian politics when Jean Chr├ętien I hate stephen harper. The love of my life is also canadian. The whole life at one time used to bring me here. Not todays politics . I'm shocked by todays politics in just ten years here. I'm a socialist (ouch)

  4. It was great to have this introduction to you and your blog, Kristy! Good questions with wonderful answers, you put a lot of thought and work into them! How blessed you are to be free to vacation at will. New surroundings are so good for the soul, especially getting far away from noise and people!

    I smiled in understanding about rocking the boat. I don't think it is so much a question of less bravery as it is maturing and knowing when to rock and when not. Like you, I used to go forth fearlessly in all situations, not always taking time to consider the outcome and what goal I was hoping to achieve. I've learned over time that jousting requires a great deal of psychic energy, so now I fight the big issues and let the small stuff pass by. It's a much more peaceful way to live! I like, and use, all of your techiniques to deal with tough times in my life. The first step is to acknowledge that you need to take a step back and breathe, reassess, and find a different strategy. Somedays going back to bed is the best strategy there is! :-))

  5. Great questions with great answers my best holidays were when I was a child packing the car on Boxing Day and driving to my Aunts house in Port Macquarie where we stayed for a week or two great times.....

    Oh yeah I have come over from The Ranting Monkey because he posted a link to you and I wanted to see what your questions were for 1 question Wednesday...........and not because I was made to come here I can't be made to do things..............ok hanging my head now as that is a lie I am a chicken and can be bullied into doing things like this.............but not on this occassion I came because I wanted to and I like the post and I will be back hope that doesn't freak you out some rambling woman coming and