Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm feeling a little low today and exhausted. My body has said enough of trying to get things done. My muscles growl with pain. I have been pretty busy trying to do the last touchs of winterizing and getting some more clutter out of the house. It is like I'm doing spring cleaning in the winter. My shoulder has hurt pretty good for about a week now and hopefully it will get a little better with the rest. It has been one ailment after another for the past month. Flu, cold, upper respotory infection and bummed shoulder. It truly is wearing on me mentally. I have felt more vulnable today and useless when this whiny mood sits in with me. I really don't get much help around the house and it leaves me angry and resentful. Sometimes, it feels like I'm married to a child. It probaly is just me being overly senstive today and overly everything. I would really love to just not have to tell J to do anything and for her to take the intutive to do it . Thats means anything that needs to get done and also cook when I don't feel like it. I barely bitch about J because it could be endless at time. Anymore, I feel pretty lonely in this relationship and the less depressed I get the more I notice. I thought I would just vent a little as I'm less than happy at the moment


  1. Venting is good, it always helps if only a little.

  2. I agree Diva! Maybe, sleeping on it will make it better.

  3. just so ya know-- it should be a clause -- you must be aware, you are marrying a child !
    we all do. acccept it-- embrace it.
    hugs :))