Sunday, November 14, 2010

Facebook is a different type of beast

I feel pretty quiet lately so I was thinking about what to write. I was looking at my stats on blogger the other day and it told me that the most googled thing about my blog was facebook. I have a entry about facebook defriending. So, I thought I would write about facebook today and about the divison of people that make up my facebook. They are such diverse people. I would assume a lot of people probaly have these type of people also. I have one group of friends that don't do anything else on facebook except play endless games such as farmville, mafia wars and fish something. Tons of games. I'm not bothered by it as I have blocked most of these invites. To be honest I do play two applications but it doesn't consume me. Then I have the political advocate facebook friend that gets so excited about anything political. They seem to breath politics. I used to be a political junkie but I'm pretty apathetic anymore and really don't give a crap about this cause or that one. I do stay informed though. I have friends from both political parties in the states. Like you can only imagine they differ so much on beliefs. I have even seen fighting in some of the threads they have. Interesting indeed. I also have the group of people that are just family. I would have to say this is the most awkward group as I have a couple that embarrass me a little with some of the things they put on my wall. Most of my family don't share some of the same beliefs I do and I just don't want to argue with them. But as a group they are great. They get to see my pictures I post and it seems to help them keep up on my life.
Then there is a few that I have came into contact with over games, blogging, past life, etc. They seem to be my favorite. My friends by choice.
The other thing I have observed is most people don't comment on anything on facebook or very rare. I don't know what the problem is on my facebook. Sometimes, I think is my status update is not interesting enough to start a conversation? The times I do I think of possible one person that ruins it and people don't want to comment because of her antics. Then I was told most people are lurkers and don't really care. I do know I don't comment on a lot of stuff either do to mood or whatever but I do try to be involved . Facebook is adifferent type of beast anymore with many factors for many people and why they do use it.

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