Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Things are only getting worse

I have been in a bad mood for about a week now and it just seems to get more complicated. It was an ordinary mixed mood with no motivation, depression, aggitation, restless boarding on obessive thoughts over and over and just the general tendency not to live comfortable in my skin. I have had no energy or just meager energy to get what I think I can get done. When Bam the dog we have had for 12 years and has been in my life for eight is dying. It feels like a little piece of my soul is gone. It has been pushing me over the edge of reason and my mood just gets worse. I have been crying over her and hopefully today we will find something out.


  1. Wow, your posts are so naked! Thank you for that. I see pieces of me in your words... and I applaud you for your courage to walk the path that you have chosen/has chosen you. I imagine it takes some serious soul strength to be You. May you find peace and beauty in the most minute and simple facets of Life today.

  2. i feel so bad for you right now. i have been right where you're at , you know? i had my dog for 14 years. she was my friend. and my soulmate. and the hardest thing i ever had to let go of in my life. i had let go of a lot by that time. i know it's hard . i also know that you will get through this-- just like everything else. not bein cliche here. i just know that you and me? we're just kinda made that way.
    hugs to you--
    hang in there-

  3. Athensgrace, thanks for the comments.

  4. Soul, thanks a lot for your kind words and I really do get you about the dog thing and other things to:) It doesn't sound cliche at all. I'm hanging in there.

  5. well, keep doin what you're doin then girl.
    have as good a day as you can - k :))