Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been feeling better the last two days and have wanted to get out of the house but J has been sick. I went to town yesterday and had some lunch and shopped at the vegetable tent but wasn't able to do all my grocery shopping or take some pictures and take a walk by the bay. Today , J has to have a cyst cut off her neck. It isn't anything serious but will be time consuming, so we can't play golf today. It has been either to buggy, rainy or I have been sick. I'm trying not to be bored today but it is taking it's toll. I cleaned my computer and planted a bag of 45,000 wildflower seeds. I might later seed the bald part of our lawn as the rest of lawn is is taking over and huge.
The mower has been in the shop for a week and they have had to order a part so it just gets longer and longer. Tried to call a lawn service and they can't get to us this week. This whole town is a big ass wait game as it isn't on my time but on someone Else's mercy. I really hate this town. I try to like it but I just can't bring myself to it totally. I have been trying to get things done for awhile and just can't manage to find good help. They are so slow also. Maybe, I need a walk today to burn off some of my frustration and stress.

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