Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Building Blocks

Yesterday, was a better day. I got cleaned up as soon as I wrote my blog and got ready to go shopping. I even cooked bacon and scrambled eggs. After eating and watching the news me and J went shopping about 60 miles from here . The drive was absolutely stunning with the different shades of green that are coming out this spring. We went to a place that I thought might have some summer clothes and not much luck. So we went to lunch and it was interesting seating out on the patio listening to this one table debate whether they had sex with this woman. They where pretty drunk but nice enough as they helped us get our umbrella up. We hardly talked to hear this tawdry conversation. We walked away full and entertained. We had one last stop to look to see if this store had Rollerblades and BBQ tools. Nothing turned up but we bought some mosquito coils for a bug shelter that we are going to put up so we can sit out in the yard.
Driving home I took photographs of the various lakes and rivers that we live by. I'm a little sore today from climbing rocks and paths to get the right picture. I love photography even though I'm pretty average at it. I try to get in all the practice I can.
Today, I'm going to try to tackle some of the mess around the house and maybe go grocery shopping. I was thinking laundry but it is trash day and we have to drive our trash to the dump. Not enough room today. The mood I'm in is gradually building on it's self and getting a bit better. It feels like building blocks. I hope I have a better base so it doesn't come tumbling down.

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