Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ick... It's Olympic time

I have been in a weird mood. I contribute it to PMS , diet and just regular mood patterns. Most of the time it really doesn't matter why I'm in a mood. I have been a little obsessive, irritable, indifferent , angry about everything and just immobile. It sort of sounds like a mixed mood for me since nothing is getting done except watching television and surfing the Internet.
I got into an argument on Valentines with J over the Olympics. I loath the Olympics and instead of keeping it to myself , I had to go on a rant on why I don't like it. It doesn't much make a nice Valentines day to do that or any other day. I have been so obsessed with researching all the negative aspects of the Olympics to argue and belittle it in every way. It makes for a hostile home environment. Even when I do try to escape it, it's everywhere on the television to the sponsors that say it is the Olympic toilet paper to the official sponsor of whatever stupid product it is. The Olympics brings out the worst in me from hating it to fighting juvenile nationalistic tendencies when arguing with J. She now thinks it isn't worth watching it till I'm in bed. I rather watch hours of info-mercials or really bad tv than be subjected to the Olympics.
It has brought me to the conclusion that we need two televisions since it has brought up differences in epic proportions of our preferences on television and how the Olympics has spilled over to other arguments of why am I subjected to your taste and neither one of us want to watch other things the other one watches on television . Neither one of us has been getting along since the Olympics and shows deeper divided in our relationship other than the dreaded games. The games just happened to bring up some issues.
It hasn't helped that I suffer from PMS and get a little out there during that time of month. It doesn't help either that I'm on this diet and all I want is a piece of cake or a soda. I have cheated two times other than that if I want a snack it is a piece of fruit. I will be going to the gym this week if I can force myself out of the house. I don't want to go anywhere . People just plain irritate me and I find fault with everything lately. I know it will pass probably pretty soon. I could ramble on but I won't

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