Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I have been busy cleaning the house and getting a lot done. My mood is all over the place at the moment. It goes from excitement to being overwhelmed. I have a lot to look forward to but I have to get much done. When I get overwhelmed , I sleep. I think it will get better when the Olympics are over as in the evenings, I bored shit less with that on. I know a ton of people enjoy it but I don't. Next week, we are going skiing again and I sprang for private lessons. I think it will be great because the last time there wasn't enough people for the lesson and it was just the two of us and it was great. I learned a lot. I have been trying to get more fit for skiing but I doubt I will be that fit to last all day. Me going to the gym is going well and so is the diet. I'm getting to the point where I don't want to eat as much as I did before the diet. I will continue with the gym to enhance my summer activities of golf and mtn. biking. I also have family visiting and I don't want them to see me at my heaviest either.
Oh, a little rant. I have had to get something notarized and found out only lawyers do them in this country. I was a little pissed as in the states you just go anywhere to get the document stamped. To add insult to injury I couldn't even get an lawyer to call me back. I found a notary service in a different town 90 miles away. That I will have to go to. This only reminds me how inept the people in this town is and makes me hate where I live just a little more if that is possible. It just makes the many reasons come up, why I hate this hole. I have to think summer will be here and I will be able to in a different city and golf and it might make it a little tolerable. Also, seeing my family will be so great. I'm lonely living here and it is great to have someone around that relates to you. Until , then I will clean a little more to get my new couch tomorrow. That was a bright spot in this town , it was easy to get a couch without the shit that generally happens buying anything from this town.

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