Saturday, February 20, 2010


I have been in a funk for the past week. I have started to break out of it a little. J said it was like I was moping around and needed to get out of the house. I was in the mood, I didn't care if I ever left the house. I was told get into the shower your going out today. I ended up enjoying getting out and going to the gym. I discovered at the gym, I weight more than I have ever weighed in my life. Instead , of getting depressed about it I worked harder and the diet I have been fighting got easier to adhere to. The gym was less than desirable though. It is in a basement and not really nicely lite. It has more free-style weights in there than anything and reminds me of a muscle freak gym. I found two tread mills in there and one in the woman's part of the gym that you couldn't run on. I thought WTF kind of gym , it was. The equipment looks old and worn out. I'm used to a state of the art gym with many treadmills , nautilus machines and just a portion of the gym for freestyle weights. I'm also used to many classes. I used to love my water aerobics class and yoga class. No pool, no raquet ball court , No classes. The only thing the gym has going for it is their is hardly any people. I counted two other people than me and J. Not bad if you don't want to wait for machines. The thing is I did have to wait for the treadmill. I just signed up for a month and will be looking for another gym but they really don't have any around here except that and the new Y. I wasn't impressed by the Y here either as it had children running around and smelt of a dirty diaper. It also doesn't have a pool. I don't know what kind of equipment it has or classes it offers but I will be finding out.

This just makes me miss where I used to live more when so called services offered are shotty and sub par with what bigger cities offer. I truly feel like I'm in a time warp in this town. I try not to be a malcontent but it is so hard living here. It just brings out the bitching . I really try to like it but when I'm charged double for the privilege not to have the technology of anything , I get bitchy. In the end , I will end up losing weight and probably look like a woman's weight lifter and lose weight at a absorb price. It might also make me clear out a room in the house and add a bowflex and a treadmill for the prices they are charging. The good thing though about going to the gym though is getting out of the house , which I struggle with . The best thing though by going to the gym and being a malcontent was that I had something to focus on and be pissed at which made me exercise harder. I also ended up in a good mood with all the exercise and had more of a clear head. I don't know why I refuse most of the time to do what is good for me. After, I'm done it is like wow that made me feel good. I act surprised knowing dam well the things I rebel against make me feel good .

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