Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Changing Tide

I have many things maturing at the moment that I'm excited about. I'm getting the house organized and getting a new couch. The gym is working out real well also and my mood is picking up. I'm also going skiing again next week also and I'm sure the exercise and loosing weight will pay off in how much more endurance I have. I have next month with several trips planned also. I'm also starting to plan my summer out and it is bright with family visiting from the states. I also have some of my own trips planned for the summer. I look forward to a season of golf and mtn. biking also. I plan on training extra hard at the gym for it also so I will get an edge on these things. It is amazing how a mood can pick up when you have so much planned and it keeps me on my toes. It is also my time of year for my mood to pick up. I will have to watch it as March is a hyper month for me. I will capitalize on getting some done while everything is all fun and games and not nasty energy, scattered thoughts and impulsive everything. I have been looking for the signs and started to medicate according since I only take pills prn.

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