Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Benefits Of Massage

I'm up early this morning. I slept good. It has been a couple of weeks since I haven't woke up several times in pain . My shoulder is coming along. I'm pleasantly surprised by the results of massage therapy. Massage therapy is very under-rated in the western world. I was even unsure about something that wasn't traditional in a medical sense. I have pretty much gave the medical profession the middle finger since 2007. So, I was willing to try something else when my shoulder came up. One thing that also helps things along is drinking plenty of water. I think the theory is to wash out the toxins after a massage as the body trys to get rid of lactic acid. I'm not sure. I also soak in Epsom salt to get rid of the pain. It doesn't really get rid of the pain but it isn't as pronounced. I don't feel like I have been beating after a massage if I drink a ton of water and soak. A big factor is to keep it flexible after a massage. I keep active now no matter how painful it is. I have surprised myself lately with keeping more active. I didn't think I could with the pain. I get tried easy now and don't have the endurance that I did. It will come back though in time.

Keeping active and working through the pain gives me hope and is a boost to my self-esteem. Sitting around and doing nothing was really effecting my head. I was feeling defeated and helpless. It was effecting my mood. I'm still working on my energy level and just doing things slowly but eventually things will get done to my liking. The house is a little overwhelming at the moment. Nothing has much got done in several weeks. I have been gradually working on it this past week in small chunks. I'm back to cooking though and it makes a big difference not eating crap. Eating packaged food made me physically sick. My body isn't used to a steady diet of crap. My digestive track is getting back to normal. I'm also not as irritable and cranky. I do experience some irritable still though but not as bad. I have a handle on it. I can stuff it more and bite my tongue. I'm also able to deal with my rapid fire of thoughts by writing down the words that pop up in my head on paper . I take the words and make a sentence with them. I also make more list lately so I know what the hell I'm doing. I would be lost at the moment going grocery shopping without one. Usually, I can kI guess I will close. I have the morning to enjoy by myself. I also have a relaxing day to look forward to.


  1. I am a massage therapist and it made me smile to read your entry today. Not many people have as open a view on holistic medicine as you do. I for one love to get and give rub downs. And you were spot on when you stated that drinking water is helpful in flushing out the lactic acid build up in the body that a massage tries to press out. I can not express enough how important it is to hydrate with water after a deep tissue massage.

  2. I'm so excited about massage at the moment. I think it is so wonderful. It really has changed my mine on holistic medicine and I'm really considering acupuncture for stress and to stop smoking. The massage has really helped me with the pain and to start healing many old ijuries. One reason I gained more wieght than I wanted was I would pay the price being as active as I was. Healing some of the old injuries and new ones makes me want to move again. I think it is wonderful your a massage therapist. My massage therapist has been like an angel and really works with me. She is more concerned about my well-being more than any doctor , I have ever had.

  3. my message just got eaten ! grrrr
    anyhow -- keep doin what you're doin. you sound real good !