Monday, January 24, 2011


This entry is going to be short. I have been in a lot of physical pain lately. My shoulder is acting up leaving me pretty much tired and cranky. I have been in acute pain for a little over a week. Now it is just nagging chronic pain. It is getting better. I have been going to someone who is a massage therapist that specializes in Sports Medicine injuries. I have got little sleep in two weeks with the pain. It is getting better though with the treatments and I'm up to about 4 hours straight last night.
I have had a full day of trying to live. Living = doing everyday things around the house. Like housework and cooking. I have even made that elusive list of things I want to work on. Way different than I planned on doing but works with my flair up of my shoulder. I have this real funny feeling that this injury is going to last awhile and I will have to do things differently for awhile. It will not be a short rehab of the shoulder area. I will get more into the shoulder in a later post. But it is pretty broken down this time. I'm being very proactive this time around about it. I'm proud to say I haven't had to break down YET with taking pain pills. It is very tempting but really a short term fix for the problem. So far I have been able to deal with it. When I can't I will opt for narcotics. I really don't wannt to as I'm prone to addiction. So far I have though found something that has been short of a miracle for me that it does make the pain bareable. It is called Biofreeze. It isn't a cure all but helps more than anything over the counter. Physical Therapist use it. Others that use it are Sports trainers, Chiropracters, Massage therapist. They also use it to take ultra-sounds for things that need to be manipulated . It helps with the pain.
I will try to write tomorrow and discuss some of the things that are going on in my life and some of my new outlooks.

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