Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Season to Gift Card

I generally don't blog twice in a day. This is the exception. I actually feel like it, while the topic is still on my mind. I have been trying to get anything done lately. It has really depended on my mood what I get done. I really don't feel like cleaning today but had to get something done. I have felt like being on the computer today. Since, I have felt like a good computer fix , I have done all my Christmas shopping. I had a little done before but finished it today on-line. What a big difference it makes shopping on-line. No lines and better yet no rude people. I think the best thing about shopping on-line for me is keeping to a budget and not impulse shopping. I also mostly stuck to gift cards.

I'm picky about presents and don't want most things. I assume someone else rather pick out a present also. It will be the right colour, size, etc. Better yet since I have to ship everything to my family and J's the shipping and handling is free. The only actual presents I bought where also picked on-line. One was for my daughter and I did it on-line so they would ship it to her. I got an awesome deal on a Toshiba laptop, bag, mouse and Microsoft Office. I also bought some clothes for my in-laws(they don't get out). Stuff like diabetic socks,robes, sweater, pants. I had it shipped in a gift box. I had 12 people to shop for this year. I didn't put any of it on credit. I really don't want to pay interest on crap that is probably crap for the next couple of years. I spent in the neighbourhood of 1,200. I feel good about it. Best of all I won't be broke spending what I don't have. Guilt at Christmas usually gets to me and I spend more. I know it is a little impersonal but I hate spending money on things people don't like and use. I don't know the people on my list that well any more also. Most of the people on my list live clutter free also. Nothing like nick-knacks to clutter a place up or a book anymore.
My parents just ask me what to send according to how much they want to spend. I like it and if they would get me something I didn't like I would just throw it away or re gift it. I can't return things as they have different stores and return policies here. J's parents are just so old and not very mobile. They just send us a cheque for what we wanted this year. It works for me. One year, I got this god awful scarf and gave it to Goodwill. One relative gets us some theme of things every year. It isn't bad if you like what ever theme . If you hate the theme they get you the same thing till the theme runs out. They get it in their head that you actually love it even if you don't. I don't know if I'm right this year or not but I mentioned something about that movie Julia and Julia. I suppose it will be a Julia Child's themed Xmas. I hope not as I already bought her books. I have to be real careful not to mention anything so does J. I let J pick out what J wanted. It was a record player, CD, tape combo that records everything retro into CD format. Then I can reformat it into mp3's . I'm not into surprises this year. I want something we can use and be budget conscious.

After, shopping I renewed the truck tags on-line. Why wait in a line and blow gas. Nothing like sitting in line at the MOT to get me cranky. People at the moment make me cranky and grouchy. I'm still in a good mood without going to the post-office, stores, and the MOT. Plus I didn't have to use gas to do it.

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