Monday, December 13, 2010

Blah, Blah

I was going to make writing more of a priority but have been living in my head more than anything lately. I have also been feeling pretty low. I even managed to get food poisoning a couple of days ago going out eating a sample of sushi. My stomach hasn't been the same in the past 3-4 days and is just gradually getting back to normal. It is just my dumb luck to do an intensive shopping and getting things done and get sick.

On a better note someone found our cat. She has been missing for three weeks now and I pretty much gave up on her. She was found yesterday in some one's garage. She was trapped in there for three weeks. The people are seasonal residents. They left a couple of weeks ago and came to blow out the driveway this week-end and found her. She looks like a total wreck. She is just skin and bones. It is truly amazing she survived. She must of ate some mice to survive. It has been so bone chilling cold at times also with temps that deep below 0,Farenhiet. Thank-god she was in a sheltered place because we have had a little over 2 feet of snow . I'm going to take her to the vet also. She is just so thin . She probably has worms also from eating something like rodents. Her ears also have a little frost bite on them and acts like she has ear mites. She is a total wreck. I was going to do it today but we have snow squalls and still need to dig out some. Our plow guy that does our driveway hasn't got to us yet. I hope he does so I don't have to blow that mess out myself.

Getting back the cat made me in a better mood. Before, I got her back I was looking high and low for just a little motivation. To get motivation you pretty much have to be inspired. I haven't had inspiration or motivation in awhile . It makes putting a plan and goals together very hard when you just exist. I'm still working on that plan. Right now it is hard enough to live and my plan at the moment consist of getting more structure together and living. Sometimes, that is all you can do.


  1. Glad the kitty came home - we've lost one of ours once for six weeks and had to capture her but thankfully it was not in this cold. It is slightly amazing that yours survived the temps even in shelter.

  2. I am SO HAPPY that you got your kitty back. Even though she was in rough shape, you must have been overjoyed to see her again. My little cat Jayda went missing last May because she ran outside even though she wasn't allowed to, and then the coyotes must have gotten her. We lived on an acreage with lots of wildlife. We called for her night and day and she never returned. :( I still hope that some miracle could happen and our old landlors could phone me and say that they found her. But I don't think that's really going to happen. She had the sweetest funniest personality. It was really hard. We don't have children so she was like family. I guess that's why I just feel so happy for you. If jayda came back, I would feel that- overjoyed.

  3. I'm so sorry about your cat. Animals are like family. I do know what you mean about living in a place with a lot of wildlife. I do too. I was afraid a fisher got her. Did you put up posters and put the cat info in your town's lost and found? I did and it help get her back when she was found. She is also microchipped so if she showed up at the humane society they would give me a call. I also called them and gave a missing descripition even though she is a generic looking brown tabby.
    If I didn't get link back I was going to get another cat. I do enjoy cats very much. I do understand about them getting out when they arent suppose to. Link has already tried to get out again since she has been rescued.